Prayer Focus for the Nations

Willing to be whittled as an Arrow – A living sacrifice for the Lord

Helen Roseveare (1925-2016): Missionary to the Belgium Congo (1953-1973) A woman who refused to take offence at God for allowing her to suffer much and who thanked Him for counting her worthy to suffer. You may well have come across the name Helen Roseveare at some... read more

Reflections and music as a prelude to praying for Israel in Lockdown

Today is Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. What a wonderful word that is, when God and man humankind are reconciled through the sacrificial death of Yeshua. We would highly commend the excellent prayer guide that CMJ released to pray through the Days of Awe, the days... read more

The Spirit of Protest: a ‘Nelson Mandela moment’?

Do not be angry, O LORD, beyond measure; do not remember our iniquity forever. Oh, look upon us, we pray; we are all Your people! Your holy cities have become a wilderness; Zion has become a wasteland, Jerusalem a desolation. Our holy and beautiful temple, where our... read more

Marvel Not but Marvel Well (i)

I have always loved the way Jesus declared on occasion, ‘Marvel not that . . .’ He is our Head, the One in whom all things hold together, our crowned king, and His ‘Marvel nots! are like His ‘verilys’ – proclaiming truths we need to... read more

Standing between the living and the dead

On March 23rd 1941, the King called millions to a Day of Prayer for the Nation and the Commonwealth – and we know that the Lord heard the cry that rose from the country, notwithstanding the years of suffering that were still to come. His ear is every bit as attentive... read more

Redeemer of the Nations

Praying for the Nations in response to the Corona Virus (1) Set to Linda Entwistle’s ‘Nunc Dimittis’ The crowds were cheering themselves hoarse as the Lord Jesus His triumphal entry into Jerusalem – but inwardly, He was weeping, because Jerusalem was about to reject... read more