Kindling words of fire in hearts on fire for more of the Lord’s power and presence

“Beware Robert’s books – they spread!” (Simon, my flatmate, to Ros, soon after we got engaged.) I am surrounded by treasures – a whole library of precious books that share so much of the heart and ways of the Lord! They bless and benefit me beyond words, and behind... read more

May the Lord build on the prayerful legacy of Chian-Kai-shek: Ongoing Prayer for Taiwan

We so often hear of Taiwan in the news, as a ‘target’ of Chinese takeover intent and wonder if the United States really has the willpower to engage in a full-scale war to protect it. Especially with Donald Trump declaring in no uncertain terms his desire to put... read more

2024: A year of destiny?

A Make-or-Break Year for Democracy Worldwide: that is the headline I read in Time magazine a few days ago, and it stirred me greatly. As many of you know, I have long carried a great burden to pray for the cause of democracy, and it is currently facing many... read more

The Light is shining despite the darkness

A friend wrote to tell me that the Lord had given her a heavy and uncomfortable burden during the night of January 1st, which she felt to be a warning for 2024. She had been reading in Daniel of the the mountain that grew from the rock cut without human hands, which... read more

The winds blow more strongly at altitude (i) Pray for leaders!

When it comes to the wind, it can often happen that a gentle zephyr makes its presence felt across the Severn plain; but up on the bare heights of the Malvern Hills, a very chilly hoolie can be harooshing. There’s a good reason for this: looking east from the summit... read more

Yahweh Mephalti – The Lord is my Deliverer

You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble; You surround me with songs of deliverance. (Psalm 32:7) Yahweh Mephalti! Now that is one of the names of God with which most of us may be less familiar, but it denotes an attribute that is central to Who He is and... read more