Frank Weston – Talks

Secrets of the Passion: God gives us a place that no one else can ever quite fill

Thinking about the ways in which God protects those He has called in order that they can fulfil at least some of the substance of their calling, I was reminded once again of the words (obviously written in the language of the time) of my great uncle Bishop Frank... read more

The Will of God and our Choices

There are so many things people do for show or self-interest. So many things that have no substance behind them – whereas we worship the God of Gods, the Light of lights, the true God of true God, who was begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father, by... read more

An Introduction to Love’s Victory

When my great uncle was appointed Bishop of Zanzibar and Tanganyika (now Tanzania) from 1907-1924, his heart was to train, develop and honour black priests. In this, he played a truly pioneering role in the church of Africa. From the moment he had arrived in in... read more

Celebrating Love’s Victory

This article was inspired by, and derived from, a chapter in one of Bishop Frank Weston’s books on the theme of Love’s Victory. He had been invited to write this book at the end of the First World War in order to restore people’s confidence in the... read more

Dismantling the barriers and walking in the Will of God

(Adapted from ‘Confidence in His Will’ a retreat address that Bishop Frank Weston gave in 1914) Lord, You are so close to me, and yet so entirely other too. But sometimes, Your otherness feels somewhat distant and overwhelming, I find myself beginning to lose... read more