Soundcloud Prayers

Yahweh Mephalti – The Lord is my Deliverer

You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble; You surround me with songs of deliverance. (Psalm 32:7) Yahweh Mephalti! Now that is one of the names of God with which most of us may be less familiar, but it denotes an attribute that is central to Who He is and... read more

In the midst of the storm

With wild winds and deluging rains in the headlines, together with thundering explosions and lightning bolt missiles in Gaza and Ukraine, I turned to the Word of God to mediate and pray with the verses I found on the theme of storms. May they help you pray also. O... read more

The Allness of God

We are used to thinking of God as the All-mighty King. I have been reflecting recently on that word ‘all,’ and the ‘allness’ – the completeness and totality – of God. John has such rich truths to share about the all-encompassing intimacy and perfect love that exists... read more

Lord, lead me

Sometimes we know exactly what the Lord would have us do – but there are many other times when we are unsure. Rather than immediately plunging into a course of action, it is usually best, when time permits, to pray and ponder the options. See also these posts:... read more

Transfiguration: An Album to savour

We have something really special to share with you in this edition: a series of prayers and reflections inspired by Jesus’s powerful encounter with His Father and two representatives of the heavenly host, Moses and Elijah. This was His ‘transfiguration,’ the pivotal... read more

Powerful music to help us keep praying into the darkness of the war in Ukraine

Do consider revisiting our e-magazine from fairly soon after the start of Russia’s war with Ukraine – not least to make the most of the powerful worship and music tracks we featured, which included: Huw Humphries’s exquisite Kyrie Eleison Ruach Breath of Life · Kyrie... read more