Artistry and Poems

Transfiguration: An Album to savour

We have something really special to share with you in this edition: a series of prayers and reflections inspired by Jesus’s powerful encounter with His Father and two representatives of the heavenly host, Moses and Elijah. This was His ‘transfiguration,’ the pivotal... read more

Your Constancy outweighs (by far!) my fickleness

Welcome to this new mini series, which you will hopefully find both comforting and challenging. The whole series is set to some really lovely music. The first piece features an improvised version of the well-known hymn Immortal, Invisible, God only wise, and the... read more

Tenderness – Part One

As I was sitting beside a village duckpond not far from Malvern the other day, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and the fresh green of the new leaves, I was struck afresh by the tenderness of God toward us. This meditation emerged during that time, and is... read more

Tenderness – Part Two

As the harp sounds her opening chords, this immersive and reflective piece invites you to spend time savouring the tender favour of the Lord. How has He shown His compassion toward you? What concerns might you bring to Him now? Sing with Mary how He has helped His... read more

Reflections on the word Sustain

I love words! I love their sound and their history. Meeting old friends in a new setting or guise is always a delight. I love exploring the original meaning of the Greek and Hebrew words used in the Bible, and I love drawing Scriptural themes together, so that we can... read more

Passion for God that makes me take time to be with Him

In this talk that was recorded early in 2011, Robert encourages us to look for where we might find rest for our souls. So many people live in a state of debilitating chronic fatigue, and even many parts of the Church sometimes appears to be in danger of both... read more