Artistry and Poems

Digital Electro Servants (The Interplanetary Prophetic)

I started this day praying that You would bless the digital electro servants that we have embraced so fervently, especially the spider web of the world wide web and our personal computer communications. But then I raised my eyes much higher to what will soon transpire... read more

It’s Time – A Poem by Suzie Hunt

IT IS TIME It is time. It is time and My Heart is breaking for the sheep and the goats are being divided. The cracks are starting to show and you [often] feel distraught, for some whom you nurtured are straying far from the pen, and some whom you looked to as... read more


When I came across this beautiful short poem by Emily Bronte last summer I couldn’t resist having a go at rewriting it along more overtly spiritual lines to link directly to the still small voice of God. We have set it here to a spectacularly beautiful piece of music... read more

Beyond the Storm

We have something really special to share with you in this edition. Using several of her own stunning photographs, Sally has designed a really beautiful Youtube to accompany these simple words, which come as if from the Lord. The hauntingly beautiful music is from... read more

Perspectives and Potential

Please note: This is a reprint of Malvern Mashal 12 from Spring 2009 I had my first opportunity to drive Ros into work in Birmingham yesterday. It is so helpful to be able to picture her in the work environment where she spends such a high percentage of her life and... read more