Patmos track 30 – Coming alongside people going through Patmos times

Couperin Sicilienne (Corinne Frost and Peter Richards) read more

Patmos Track 31 – In times of Extreme Pressure

Music from Prisoners of Hope There’s a long standing tradition that John was not on his own on the island of Patmos but that a man named Procurus voluntarily chose to accompany him; and that he was the man who wrote down the experiences that John had as he... read more

Patmos 28 – The Lord comes in surprising ways

If you’ve never heard the Gondola Song by Mendelssohn (Opus 62:5) you will love this version that Jo Foote recorded for us. This meditation celebrates the Lord’s faithfulness and encourages us to yield everything to Him. read more

Patmos 29 – Things that cause grief to go underground

Handling grief triggers without letting other people’s expectations knock us off course. Chopin Opus 72:1 (Jo Foote) read more

Patmos 26

Patmos flushes hidden things to the surface Continuing the theme of yielding to the Lord, this is opportunity to allow the Lord to track down things that have been set in motion in the past and bring them to the Cross. The background music, Scarlatti’s sonata... read more

Patmos 27

Developing our trust To the accompaniment of a beautiful oboe piece by Jean Baptise Loeillet, one of my favourite composers, this short meditation encourages us to develop our trust in areas where we are struggling. As always, the idea is to take time to pray and... read more