Ever since 1980 I have had the privilege of working with highly gifted musicians. It has been a great joy to discover the truth of Luther’s declaration that ‘the enemy flees before the sound of music faster than from anything other than the word of God’.

Music so often enables us to go far where words alone can take us,
so it has always been my desire to bring these two heavenly giftings together.

For many years we operated primarily in the intercessory sphere,
with the Lord sounding His call and desire through inspired songs and instrumental pieces.

We discovered that there is real power in such Spirit-led music
as well as in more ’conventional’ songs and musical compositions.
More recently, we have been drawn to shape intercessory insights into prayer poems
woven together with inspired music.

We hope you will find these a treasure store that will both refresh
and speak deeply into your own life and circumstances.


Welcome to this heartfelt compilation of mineral-rich meditations which set out to capture the yearning of our heart for God, and of His towards us.

As we tune our hearts to the Eternal Rock from which we were hewn lets embark on the greatest love story of them all, exploring far ranging  themes, that take us far beyond the purely personal to the prophetically panoramic, allowing their poetic reality to sharpen our capacity for contemplation, as the fragrance of Heaven draws near.

The link below leads to our Soundcloud playlist where you can listen to all of the tracks.


Let me take you to a small and barren island  fifty miles southwest of the Aegean Sea – an island that was a remote Roman penal colony – Patmos. Not Patmos of the Thompson holiday cruise to the dream Greek holiday islands, but a place where people were sent, often permanently, that the Roman authorities wanted out of their way.

And this was where John, no doubt to his great surprise, found himself. John, the Beloved Disciple, who had walked the shores of Lake Galilee with Jesus, and who had long exercised a crucial apostolic ministry to the churches around Ephesus.

Similar things had happened to so many of the Christians to whom he had ministered – and now it had happened to him.

This is part one of fifty meditations based on the first chapter of Revelation that reveal the glory of the Lord Jesus and use the image of Patmos as a metaphor for tight and narrow times in our life.

The link below leads to our Soundcloud playlist where you can listen to all of the tracks.