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May 7, 2021 | Artistry and Poems, Devotions and Reflections, LISTEN, Manna for the Soul

In this talk that was recorded early in 2011, Robert encourages us to look for where we might find rest for our souls. So many people live in a state of debilitating chronic fatigue, and even many parts of the Church sometimes appears to be in danger of both succumbing to it themselves and adding to people’s sense of being overburdened.

It is so good to take time out to come apart with the Lord and allow Him to minister His rest to us so that we minister to one another from the living water of His Spirit, rather than out of our own exhausted emotions.

Jesus said, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Matt. 11:28-30) His yoke, that Matthew Henry poignantly describes as being ‘lined with love’ is made to measure, and takes our unique personalities, gifts, temperaments, abilities and resilience into account.

Nuach – the deep rest of the Lord

Notes on the talk:
Ruach – Breath wind or spirit of God – understanding/ the mind /God’s anger
Stand at the crossroads and look. Ask for the ancient paths . . . Ask where the good way is and you will find rest for your souls
Antichrist spirit abroad trying to rob us of rest.
Pressure of life – individual and corporate to develop chronic fatigue. Debilitating.
Church in danger of this.
Heb 4:9
There remains then a Sabbath rest for the people of God for anyone who enters Gods rest rests from his own work……make every effort to enter this rest.
Strive to enter the rest – paradox.
There is a time not to rest – fight, pray, work, shove.
But a time to rest – come apart and rest awhile.
Mark 6:31 come to a quiet place and rest
Matt…. take my yoke on you…. You will find rest for your souls.
When you want something, you go to do something somewhere – fridge, dvd, newsagents, garden, tv, but Jesus invites you to come. To Him. Not coming as a reward but simply because we are weary and burdened.
Reward for coming is simply rest.
Deep soothing rest of the Lord
Only God can give that quality of heart rest.

Let my heart be true in You, Lord. Let Your rest fill our souls. Thank you that You are inviting us to come and You are welcoming us. Holy hush after creation – stillness from activity. You blessed the seventh day and made it holy. The first thing ever declared holy.
Isaiah 11:10
In that day the root of Jesse will stand as a banner to the peoples….. and his place of rest will be glorious.
May it be true of our distracted hearts.
His place of rest.
Heb word for settled – house – makon – the settled dwelling place of God / a fixed base.
Jer 17 – a glorious throne exalted from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary.
Don’t worship the temple of the Lord but the Lord of the temple.
He is the Spring of Living Water – the fixed centre of the universe.

Come to the well – stand at the crossroads and look and ask for the ancient paths.
He wants to be absolutely at the centre of our life.
Take time out with Him and His spirit flowing freely through us.
Springs of Living Water.
A number of different types of well. First layer of rock – a shallow well – sometimes contaminated/bugs. Hard rock shallow where the rain can overflow and become a spring.
Get to the place where the spring begins.
Taking a day out to rest – ‘won’t get all the stuff done’ but as with tithing – won’t God provide in the six days? Test of what we believe
Manna in the wilderness – doubled on Saturday.
Government found most productive – 6 days on and one day off.
Ex 31-14-15 penalties.
Lack of space to renew our hearts minds and spirits causes us to wear out spiritually and we end up ministering out of exhausted emotions rather than the living water of the Spirit.
Second layer of rock through the first one and you come to bowls in the rock and into that you can lower a bucket – deep wells with pure water and satisfying taste.
Under that layer is solid ground with no bowls and if we are persistent and bore through we come to another layer called artesian wells – water gushes out powerfully. No need for a bucket – it just comes gushing up.
Jesus says whoever believes in me streams of artesian water will flow within him John 7:38
Interesting link between creativity and rest and therefore between rest and success ( business people).
We need time to ponder the meaning of events. Or we will get overstretched.
Don’t work for food that spoils…. But God’s food.
Digging below artesian wells – we get to oil.
Black gold – speaks of fuel for energy, unblocking ears, light, anointing oil, wealth, heat, zech – oil lampstands, power. Lubrication, wd40wardept1940, Luther – ‘if I rest I rust’ – no!
God lubricates us if we rest.
Widows cruse… lamp oil
Lord has calibrated the needs of the world.
Blocked wells
Next level – molten core of the earth – FIRE
Fire of the Lord…..
Rev 3:18
Buy from me gold refined in the fire….etc…. Surrounded by walls of fire in a very helpful way.
Incredible that God tabernacles with us.
We can underestimate the temperature of sanctification in the fire
Be refined so you can become rich
Those whom I love I discipline
God’s yoke – We often wear yokes of our and others expectations
God’s yoke takes account of our unique personalities, gifts, temperaments, abilities, resilience.
The yoke will fit because it is like a metaphor for our specific calling as it is made to measure.
Constraints to wearing one but it helps the ox to fulfil its calling.
A yoke lined with love. Matthew Henry
The love of God and the hope of heaven will make it easy.
Why Paul could call his sufferings light.
Consolations in the School of the Spirit.
Imagine reclining at the last supper with your head on Jesus – what would you say to Him and He to you. Be honest!
David – on my bed I think of you…. Great ability to find the Lord despite all things.
Letting the Nuach of God to reach down to touch and soothe.


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