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I am so glad you have found your way to our website, whether for the first or the many-ith time. You are so well come. May it be a place of where you find both inner renewal and spiritual resourcing – and quite possibly a fair few challenging thoughts to ponder too. I pray the Ruach of God will breathe on you during your visit. He is the One who brings to life all that is of God in us by the power and the gentleness of His Spirit.

You are sure to have discovered that, when you love someone, the things that matter to them start to matter a great deal to you, too. From the moment that I came to the Lord Jesus early in 1976, I understood something of just how much He longs that others should know Him too. A few months later, when I was living in France, I was privileged to be accorded a profound encounter with Him. That was when He called me to be His witness, a call that soon developed into working as an evangelist with an Anglican church in Oxford.

A group of us, mainly students, in that lovely city began meeting to pray and, as we sought the Lord together, His Holy Spirit started to move powerfully in our hearts, speaking to us in depth from the Scriptures about the state of both our nation and the Church.

When God breathes His Holy Spirit into us, things come to life in ways we could never have imagined. The messages He shared with us at that Easter season in 1980 have profoundly shaped and influenced my life ever since. My ministry as a witness expanded far beyond the boundaries of Oxford and ‘conventional’ evangelism, as the Lord opened the way for us to urge and direct the wider Body of Christ across the nation to seek Him more earnestly, and to make corporate intercession a priority.

As we leaned into the things that were on Jesus’ heart, we found people eager to first to take on board, and then to sound this ‘Message for our Times.’ It has been a great privilege to lead many conferences and retreats, bringing this beautiful blend of teaching, worship and fervent intercession.

You will be familiar, I am sure, with the ebb and flow of the tides and seasons the Lord sends in your own life, and while I have so often led the people of God in loud cries of prayer for nations and regions, the wind of His Spirit has also led me at times to remain apart and alone. In other seasons, He has taken my family and I to live in community, partnering always with many who are eager to serve Him in this generation in the power of the Spirit, uniting word and spirit in their lives and ministries.

After living in the heart of cities such as Oxford and Chester, as well as in the farthermost extremities of the British Isles, such as the Shetland Islands and Devon, we have travelled East and West and back again, and have now found our home in ‘Middle England’. Life has been an adventure, albeit one, like King David’s, that has been full of both blessings and buffetings, great highs and lows, some of which could, with greater wisdom, have been avoided.

The more we search the Scriptures, and seek to listen and pray, the more we will hear of the Lord’s plans and purposes, and the more we will understand of His heart. It has been a journey of discovery and discernment, learning to recognise and to heed His voice, contemplating His beauty and majesty, studying the biblical prophets, and listening to what He would have us share with others about current geo-political matters.

It is a great delight to have you join me here. I pray you will meet with the living God in all you read, hear and pray as you enter this place set aside. Do come in and surf, savour and search. May the Holy Spirit breathe on you to afresh and inspire you, lead and equip you, father and feed you.

Robert Weston, Malvern 2023

Christian websites usually have a statement of faith. Rather than seeking to reinvent the wheel, we subscribe entirely to those of all the main-line denominations!

To be led by the Ruach Breath of God is a wonderful adventure, but it is only possible because the Lord Jesus Christ has made a way for us to be ‘made right’ and acceptable to God. God has breathed His life into every one of us, but our sin and wrongdoing make it impossible for us to be united to the Lord; His holiness would harm us if we were to come too close.

Jesus has bridged the gap. He lived as a man, but without any sin whatsoever. When He died on the cross, He took with Him every wrong thing we have ever done or will do, and nailed it there so that we don’t have to carry the burden of it any longer.

But that is not all. Because He was without sin, the grave could not keep hold of Him, and He rose up from the dead. And now He invites us to bring His sacrifice to God as if it were our own, so that we can be clothed in the holiness that belongs to Him and be fully reconciled to the God who created us.

Our relationship with God – our Father in Heaven – is the most precious and important of all relationships – and unlike any other relationship it is forever, for we too will rise from the dead. How wonderful!

If you are unsure whether you have stepped into the fullness of this relationship with God the Father through Jesus His Son, then I would love to invite you to do so now – it is the most important thing you will ever do. The links below will help you make this step:

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Photo by Sally Mowbray