M any years ago the Lord Jesus called me to be a ‘witness’ to the things that are on His heart. As a watchman He has had me speak out on many issues through the years ranging from the personal to the international.

You will find many genres represented here: from prayer for wider issues through more general teaching to poetry – no detective stories yet I’m afraid though! – as well as much inspiration to press deeper into God’s heart.

My desire and intention is always to help us to gain discernment into what the Lord is saying about issues, whether on a personal, national, or even international level. At the same time, the Lord is eager to develop the quality of our relationship with Him. All the teaching articles and publications will help in this respect, as will Manna for the soul, while the many playlists of music and song will inspire our spirits.

We are also featuring a large number of music tracks with words attached to reach the parts that neither words nor music on their own can reach.