The Still Small Voice

Introduction and Contents



Lord, You love to speak,
even without the need for words.

You listen to our inmost thoughts
You bring us to a place of stillness.

One word from You imparts life
and direction to our souls.


Imagine the Bible shorn of all references to the Lord speaking directly. We would be left with no key to understand why the historical episodes relating to Moses, Joshua, David and the like happened. We would be none the wiser as to who had initiated them or what they were pointing to. Our spiritual understanding would be severely impoverished.

One word from heaven is worth a dozen of our own bright ideas. The whole history of the Bible is of the Lord taking hold of people’s lives and directing them to attempt things they could never have achieved by their own efforts. He loves to speak to His children!

The ‘Still Small Voice’ of God births visions, counteracts unbelief, overcomes prejudices, dispels confusion, restores joy and enables us to find fresh direction – even if we have taken wrong ones in the past.

Martin Luther declared that God only speaks ‘baby talk’ to us because that is all we are capable of understanding. With considerable trepidation, I have set out to show that the Lord can take us beyond ‘baby and toddler speak’ to the point where He can share more of His heart with us.

Does that mean we need to be high flying prophets to hear anything of value? By no means! Even those we look up to in Scripture as giants of faith have their flaws – sometimes gaping ones. Deuteronomy 30:14 reassures us, however, that The word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart so you may obey it.

The best way to use this book is to take as much time as you can to turn the teaching, as well as the meditations, into prayer. As you do so, may the Still Small Voice refresh your spirits, enlarge your vision, and make your days more and more a heavenly adventure. The urgency of our times and the Lord’s own longing require no less.

Robert Weston, Malvern

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Lord, You love to speak

Lord, You love to speak,
even without the need for words.
You listen to our inmost thoughts.
and You bring us to a place of stillness.
One word from You imparts life
and direction to our souls.
Guard our hearing, for listening
is the gateway to the intimate communion
that both we and You are longing for.

You taught us, Lord, that the pure in heart are blessed,
for they will see God.
Make our soul full of eyes
so that we can see and understand Your ways;

Never stop speaking,
even if You have to say the same thing time and again.
We need to hear what You are saying,
even if it is not what we wanted to hear;

and then let us respond in faith and trust
until all that You have promised is accomplished.

Fill our hearts with a compassion that mirrors Your own.
Show us where to go and what to do –
and as Your hand rests upon us,
may we take the beauty of Your presence wherever we go.

As we start of this journey, Lord,
May Your presence be close at hand.

We long to meet with You today, Lord.
In the stillness draw near.

We throw open the doors of our heart
and celebrate the love that calls us to Your service.

May the grace of Christ light our paths;
our journeys and encounters,
our hopes and our dreams..

We offer them, Lord, to You;
direct us for Your glory.

And as we embark in the flow of your Spirit’s leading,
Unlock the springs of creativity in our heart,
Ideas and inspiration that flow to Your glory

Let the power of God rise up as we worship,
The love of God as we reach out to others
And the joy of Christ as we live this day for You.

Oh let me hear Thee speaking in accents clear and still,
Above the storms of passion, the murmurs of self will;
O speak to reassure me, to hasten or control;
O speak, and make me listen, thou guardian of my soul.

The Still Small Voice is written with simplicity and elegance by a pilgrim for pilgrims. It combines practical counsel with devotion, marrying a depth of Scriptural insight with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. I found it an inspiring and encouraging read, bringing fresh and renewed light into my soul.

This Pilgrim’s Guide to Listening to the Lord is well structured, accessible, full of balance and sound good sense. The fruit of someone who has sought hard to understand the Lord’s ways of communicating, it explores many of the diverse ways God speaks: in dreams, visions, nudges and through silence. Robert helps us understand times of drought and delay and addresses, amongst many other issues, the perennial problems of disappointment, disillusionment, deception, warfare and confusion concerning timing. It is particularly excellent on discernment and waiting on God.

At the same time it moves the reader away from ‘listening’ as a purely personal pursuit and places it in the context of hearing God’s heart and strategy for His world. The times for Reflection and Prayer at the end of each segment help to establish a rhythm of response to the teaching and also to distil one’s own thoughts, making sure that the information gets quickly turned into prayer.

I found the guide really helpful, with Robert emerging from its pages as a seasoned and trustworthy guide for the journey. You will find fresh confidence to believe that you can hear God, and wise instruction on how to be more sensitive to the Still Small Voice of God. I commend it to you.’

Revd. Paul Miller
New Day Ministries & World Prayer Centre