The Still Small Voice

Recognise His Voice: Diets that diminish our hearing

 Chapter Two, part two


We limit ourselves when we say
‘I’m not the sort of person
the Lord would speak to.’

It honours Him
when we attempt to listen to
His Still Small Voice.

Diets that develop or diminish our hearing

What we fill our hearts and minds with is highly likely to affect our hearing. The company we keep and the books we read will, to a large extent, determine the sort of people we will become.

The TV soaps and sitcoms do nothing to promote an eternal perspective, or to help us hear the Still Small Voice. What they can do is to make us dangerously passive, living our emotional lives through the highs and lows of these imaginary characters.

I was brought up on the BBC radio classic, Listen with Mother. Given the central role that television plays in most people’s weekly routine, can we ‘Watch with our Heavenly Father’ and turn away from programs – and even conversations – that jar and jangle our spirits?

You can? That is a sure sign that your spirit is still functioning. You find it hard to reach for the off-button? Here is a simple but possible remedy. See if the Lord is ‘anointing’ you for something else!

God comes close to those who wait for Him, and who soak themselves in His Word. Reading, like travelling, expands our experience and increases our understanding of the ways God works.

We can learn truths from books that can inspire us to new heights, and save us from years of stumbling along wrong paths.

It is good to stock our mind by reading widely – but we can feed our spirit richer fare by slowing right down, and focusing on just a few verses of Scripture, or on some book that is speaking to our hearts.

Lord, please lead us to the material
That we can read and watch with the heart;
Things that will not just inform our minds
But touch and inspire our spirits,
and release Your creative flow in our lives.

For Reflection and Prayer

Turning what we have read and watched into prayer is an excellent way to share more of our lives with the Lord, and to cultivate the Still Small Voice. Reflect on some of the books that you have read in the past year or two. (Magazine or newspaper articles will do equally as well). Pray for the people who wrote them, and meditate on the subjects that they cover. Is there anyone else the Lord would have you introduce this valuable material to?

Next, recall a few special documentaries that have meant a lot to you. ‘Harness’ the information that has touched you, and use it as a starting point for prayer.