The Still Small Voice

Perspectives Through Pressure: Praise that Pierces the Dark Heavens


Chapter Seven, Part Eight


Praise that Pierces the Dark Heavens

Nothing more predisposes us to discern the Still Small Voice more than a spirit of praise and worship. The very praise that is so precious to the Lord is an acrid stench in Satan’s nostrils. He loathes it!

Judson Cornwall tells a magnificent story in Let Us Praise about the way that praise scatters the powers of darkness. After months of demonic forces oppressing services in his church, Judson felt obliged to bring the service to a full stop in order to bind the powers of darkness.

One day the Lord revealed something that came as a great shock to him. He told him that the demons, in their perverted way, were considering it a great success that the believers should focus on them, and were coming from far and wide to disrupt the services. God told Judson that this was dishonouring Him, and that if he would concentrate on worshipping, then He would take care of the demonic presence.

When the heaviness reappeared the following week, everyone looked at Judson expectantly. But Judson had taken the message to heart and urged people to keep right on worshipping. True to His word, the Lord stretched out His hand and dealt with the heavy atmosphere.

Howls of horror are heard in the demonic kingdom when the people of God rise up in worship and prayer in such ways! The power of God is released, and the devils are forced to flee – often turning against themselves in the process.

For Reflection and Prayer

Lord You are the One we greet at the start of the day;
You are the stillness that comes after the turmoil,
and our peace at the end of the day.

Keep us in the spirit of thanksgiving,
for this above all else will counteract our tendency to moan!