The Still Small Voice

Exploring Silence - beyond words

 Chapter Four, Part One


Draw our souls to stillness,
that we may sense where
You are beckoning, Lord,
and help us to recognize things
we would otherwise miss.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.



Exploring silence – beyond words

If we are deeply in love with someone, we do not need to cast around endlessly in search of fresh things to say or do. We’re happy just to be together. It is not so different in our relationship with the Lord. It is a sign of maturity when we can hold this intimate silence together, not only as individuals but also as fellowships. Let’s be looking actively to put this into practice!

There is a wealth of intimacy that is beyond words which the Lord so enjoys sharing with us. So if we are aware that our inmost being is crying out for this, the first thing is to cooperate with this desire, because it is also His desire. It is neither a weakness nor a luxury to seek to reach this stillness of soul that enables us to tune in to the Still Small Voice.

From a practical point of view, most of us can’t just down tools at a moment’s notice in order to spend extended times in silence in holy pursuits, or to go for long walks in woods or along the seashore – but there may well be more than we have realised in this respect.

Make us imaginative, Lord – and hungry!

How about suggesting holding extended periods of silence during our fellowship meetings – or enjoying a silent meal, either on your own or in the company of friends?

A ‘silent’ meal (or walk) is an altogether different thing from one in which we do not happen to say anything. Because our focus is on the Lord, and on spiritual things, such times are often the perfect opportunity for Him to reawaken long dormant senses and to show us solutions to matters we have long been pondering.

Taking this thought a step further, the pace we lead our lives at, and the places we go to meet Him all play their part in making the Still Small Voice more audible in our hearts.

Places made holy by people seeking God there; wild expanses, flowing water (yes, showers and baths can work just as well and be much more accessible than a remote waterfall!) – all these and more can aid the ‘slow interior living’ that plays a vital part in our quest for a deeper intimacy with the Lord. What better way to turn empty loneliness into rich solitude?

For Reflection and Prayer

Thank You, Lord, that You reign in glorious splendour
– but also in the quietness of our hearts.

Make us hungry to seek You out in stillness
– and show us which people, places and situations stimulate and refresh us
– and also to recognise those which hinder the flow of Your Holy Spirit.