The Still Small Voice

The Art of Reflection - The Key of Yielding

 Chapter Five, Part ten





The Key of Yielding

What you sow does not come to life unless it dies. (1 Cor 15:36)

Ayoung minister reached the conclusion that in order to further the ministry that the Lord was developing through him amongst young people, he would need to devote the whole of his life to it. In an emotionally charged meeting he tendered his resignation at his denominational headquarters, and then set out with his wife to drive back home. But they were involved in such a serious collision that his wife was flung from the car and lay lifeless on the side of the road.

Within the space of a few hours this man had lost the two most precious things in his life: his wife and his ministry. At this moment of utter desolation, he heard the voice of the Lord more clearly than he had ever known before, ‘Will you still follow Me?’ You can almost hear the Lord Jesus asking Peter the same question at a time when many were turning back because the cost of following Him was proving too high.[16]

Like Peter, this servant of the Lord also knew that there was nowhere else for him to turn to, and so he reaffirmed his willingness to follow the Lord, no matter what the cost. It was at this critical juncture that the Lord spoke a second time, telling him to pray for his wife. A desperate battle ensued, before life began to return into his wife’s body.

The man’s name is Loren Cunningham. Together with his wife Darlene, they went on to found Youth with a Mission: an organization that has reached countless young people for Christ![17] If Loren had settled for calling an undertaker and being an early widower, just think of all that would have been lost to the Kingdom! This is why reflection is so important. Are we facing situations we need to ‘yield’ back to the Lord? Or, on the contrary, are we needing to take a stand and not yield an inch? A very great deal may depend on making the right response here.

For Reflection and Prayer

Lord Jesus, we find it hard when You call time on
something that has meant a lot to us.

Like Peter, we want to build booths to prolong the
blessing, and to provide a sense of permanence.

Teach us afresh the grace of yieldedness

May we experience the truth of Jim Elliot’s words:
‘he is no fool who loses that which he cannot keep
in order to gain what he cannot lose.’

16 John 6:66-68
17 Loren Cunningham Winning God’s way (Front Line Publications)