The Still Small Voice

The Power of Discernment: By Many Strands


Chapter Six, Part Seven


By Many Strands

A matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. (Deuteronomy 19:15)

Outside Scalloway Harbour in Shetland, three harbour lights (white, green and red) guide sailors along the navigation channel between the cluster of jagged rocks and islands. Only when all three of these lights line up and appear as one white light is it safe to enter the harbour.

Bob Mumford counsels that when God is about to lead us along some major new path, He will normally confirm His word to us in several different ways. He suggests that we should look for at least two or three other strands of guidance apart from a direct word dream or vision before accepting that some direction really does represent the authentic leading of the Still Small Voice: for example, the witness of Scripture, the peace of Christ in our hearts, the confirmation of other mature Christians, as well as the specific opening or shutting of doors.

Nearly three and a half years after we moved to Shetland, three people came to us separately to tell us that the moment we had completed our assignment – the prayer conference for the northern nations – the Lord would recall us rapidly down south again

The call had come earlier than we had expected, and the transition was a fraught one. Several seemingly promising leads failed to develop altogether. Because Ros was under intense pressure at work, the enemy did all he could to keep the uncertainties as high as possible. Friends kept praying. One saw us in a hot air balloon, heading south and landing in a remote rural region.

The picture strengthened us through several painful and perplexing months. Suddenly, it all happened. A job opened up and we rather miraculously found a house to live in. Less than three weeks after the Conference had finished, we were on the boat and heading south to start a new life in much warmer climes.

For Reflection and Prayer

Most of the mistakes I have made in matters of guidance have come as the result of allowing myself to be convinced too easily by one or two strands of guidance, instead of waiting for the Lord to confirm both the details and the timing. Even when some initial piece of guidance seems overwhelmingly strong, we should be wary of acting on one strand alone – especially if it involves major changes.