The Lord is at work at both ends!

Sep 20, 2017 | INSIGHTS, Manna for the Soul

In a laudable act of entente cordiale between countries once at war, precision engineers sheared their respective ways from Calais and Folkestone to build their underground causeway, meeting in the middle exactly where they should. But how do we fare when folks pick up stones to mock and denounce our every move? Do we find ways to set up blocks – or do we look for ways to clear whatever is blocking the pathways of our heart?

From our perspective it is so very easy to hold our present view. Who on earth could dispute the facts or unpick our logic? But could it be that we have not allowed for this one deeper thing: that the Lord is at work at both ends!

Do we instinctively look for ways to get out own back and deliberately seek to block their way – (as opposed to sometimes taken necessary remedial measures?) are we concerned to clear the decks for our own sake or for the ultimate well being of the other, looking for ways to clear whatever it is that is blocking the pathways of their heart? 3 Conithians 2:5-11 is a very important passage in that respect.

could it be that you may have not allowed for this one deeper thing: the Lord is at work at both ends!

So when we are tempted to presume that our assumptions are all correct, we must still beware of maligning all who query our well-rehearsed story. Rather than seeking to prove that we are in the right right right, and that the other is therefore in the wrong wrong wrong – let’s remember this simple refrain that aligns with the heart of the King: The Lord is at work at both ends!

Only He know the hidden pain and regrets that lie beneath folk’s stoney-faced sternness, the hidden pains that afford Him the chance to send grace upon grace their way, but which perhaps constrain Him from sending quite so much blessing our way – and all because you did not quite trust or believe that precious refrain that He was at work at their end too.

It’s not too late to adjust our course, and to marvel how grace without favour is shown to all who will but glance at Him. If this seems an utterly unmerited extravagance and highly unfair to those of us who toil in the snare of our chaffing self-righteousness, are we perhaps forgetting the heart of the Kingdom of love? If we find ourselves constantly prone to denigrate our denigrators in a furious bid to prove that we are right, is it not time to remember that ‘judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment,’ (James 2:13) and to lay down our well-rehearsed tale, and unfurl afresh this banner sign: ‘The Lord is at work at both ends!

Yes, even now before the situations we are so concerned about are anything like fully resolved, we choose to respond as Jesus did when He refused to respond in kind to those who hurled their insults at him, but Instead ‘entrusted Himself to him who judges justly.’ (1 Pet. 2:23)



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