God has His plans and His people for just such a time as this

Sep 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

The Lord wants us to see this huge crisis from a spiritual perspective rather than just a worldly one. We know that the enemy is trying to precipitate war – but the Lord is longing to wage peace and to bring revival to North Korea.

We are praying here for more than a downscaling of tension, more even than the spiritual humbling of one man: we are praying for the work of God in the whole of the ruling power elite in North Korea – and the future of the work of the Kingdom on the peninsula.

At this time when, so far as we know, there are no “back doors of communication” between Pyongyang and Washington, may the Lord create His own communication system to speak wise and restraining words into this superheated crucible, and to bring about the changes at both ends that are so desperately needed.

As we learn more of the surprising Christian heritage in the Korean leader’s family line, let’s press in to pray for this nation . . .

One defector from North Korea, who served as a presidential tutor, and has become a professor at Yale University, makes the remarkable claim in this report that was published in 2011 that Kim Jong-Un has a Christian heritage.

This is an additional update on events from a spiritual perspective. (If the page looks blank when you open it, scroll down the page).

See also this article from Christianity Today.

In no country on earth are Christians more at risk of persecution than in North Korea. In the powerful article we have referred to, we learn that Pyonyang’s name means “peaceful land.” Amen!

See also: this article from Open Doors Uk

Everything about the way this situation is developing North Korea indicates mess, danger and the potential for extreme destruction. It would be naïve to see it any other way. But can we take these verses from Psalm 132 and pray for something entirely different to be the outcome for this land: that it will be a place of rest and specially blessed with His presence?

Arise, Lord, and come to Your resting place . . .,
For the Lord has chosen Zion,
He has desired it for his dwelling, saying,
“This is my resting place for ever and ever;
here I will sit enthroned, for I have desired it . . .
And her faithful people will ever sing for joy. (Ps. 132:8.14-15)

By contrast, North Korea’s stated ambition, perhaps even more than to send missiles against America, is to force American armed forces off the Korean peninsula and bring about a united Korea and so bring about the (nightmarish) possibility of a united country under the rule of the Northern kingdom.



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