Facing Grief

Handling Grief and Processing Loss Part four

Grief Part Four How many people does it take to change a ….? I mean, how many sections can you divide one normal length sermon into? In this instance five . . . We hope you will find this brief fourth part a blessing. The trumpet music is by Torelli, beautifully... read more

Manna 6 ~ Mourning and Fasting

Nehemiah 1:4 For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed (Part I) We are looking at how Nehemiah responds to the bad news he hears concerning the fate of his fellow countrymen back in Jerusalem. Much had been done to restore the city following the return of the... read more

Handling Grief and Processing Loss

Handling Grief and Processing Loss When someone or something deeply precious is wrested from us, it leaves a deep wound. The very word ‘bereaved’ derives from the Dutch berauben – to rob or to plunder. We urgently need to let Christ’s love fill the hole. If we... read more

Manna 5 ~ Sit, Walk, Kneel, Weep

Nehemiah 1:4a When I heard these things I sat down In the days before phones and email, it took a long time for the news about what was happening back in Jerusalem to reach Nehemiah. When it came it is no surprise that he needed to sit down – it shook him deeply.... read more

Handling loss and Processing Grief

Handling Loss and Processing Grief: A Talk accompanied by stunning music, including pieces by Torelli, Chopin, Handel and the Coventry Carol. Grief Talk Part One read more