Audio-Visual Presentations

Come in Your glory, Lord

Come in Your glory, Lord, and fill this place. Beautiful singing in the Spirit Many years ago, Carol led an extended time of improvised worship at one of the Good News Crusades held in Malvern. Someone has now posted this online, where it has been listened to in very... read more

A Cry for the Nations

In the midst of many profound shakings and uncertainties, Rosalind and I would like to invite you to join us in this cry for the nation that we recorded with the help of anointed musicians, including the trumpeters Anthony Thompson and Kevin Ashman as they play this... read more

Your face Lord will I seek

We are surrounded by so many intense matters – which makes it all the more important to be seeking God’s face. That is what David encourages us to do in Psalm 27 – and what the Lord Himself tells us to do in 2 Chronicles 7:14 – to humble... read more

The Artist’s Brush

Drawing for inspiration on a children’s poem by Amy Carmichael on the secret things belonging to God, the concept of being ourselves a ‘brush’ that the Lord uses to paint His purposes, and a timely reminder that in any relationship – especially those where... read more

Always Near

Always Near by Carol Sampson – a really lovely CD: We would like to encourage you to consider purchasing this really special compilation of 15 of Carol Sampson’s songs, which she has recorded with us over the last few years. Carol is unique! In addition to being the... read more

The Return of Jesus

The Scriptures have so much to say about the return of Jesus that it is perhaps surprising that there is still comparatively little teaching on the subject in the church at large. In this introductory talk I gave recently in church, I began to unpack a few of the many... read more