Audio-Visual Presentations

Clean Air: the Fragrance of the Lord

A garment of praise instead of a spirit of heaviness and despair . . . (Is. 61:3) I wrote Clean Air with a view to bringing a touch of the Lord’s freedom and fragrance wherever a spirit of heaviness and oppression is predominating. I had in mind personal, family,... read more

A meditation based on The Proslogian of St Anselm

As Abbot of Bec, Anselm wrote a great deal while he was directing the growing community at Bec Hellouin in the late eleventh century, which rose to become one of the leading centres of intellectual and spiritual thought in medieval Europe. He managed to combine those... read more

You Carried Me

Michael and Esther have a remarkable testimony of being carried by the Lord through many extremely dangerous and challenging situations. So too in a completely different way does the writer of this remarkable song, our dear friend Carol Sampson from Malvern. We think... read more

All for Loving You

Rising from the depths of her being, this burst of praise and thanksgiving came from the heart of a dear friend who lives in Jersey, Anne Laure Jackson. She joined us in Malvern a few months ago to record this and a number of other songs. Sally has prepared an... read more

Heaven’s Kingdom

Heaven’s Kingdom Long before Jesus announced that the Kingdom of God is at hand, the prophet Daniel declared that the Lord’s kingdom is one that will never be destroyed (Dan. 7:14). The first reference to Heaven’s Kingdom in the Old English language is in a hymn... read more

Clean Air: In the Flow of the Spirit

An offering on behalf of all you dear ones who are seeking to live in the flow of the Holy Spirit. This is part of a longer piece I wrote called ‘Clean Air’ for recorder, which Peter Richards skilfully reworked to add the lovely string accompaniment. This second... read more