Peace be Still – by Carol Sampson

Darkness falls across the sky as the day begins to fade. Jesus wants us to cross over to the other side, so we all get into the boat thinking “it’s gonna be alright.” We see our Master resting in the stillness of the night. But something stirs the peaceful... read more

I Lift My Eyes to the Hills

This phrase is from the official Malvern Psalm: ‘Levavi occulos meos in montes.’ May the Lord use Linda’s lovely rendering of her own song, along with the beautiful photographs, to inspire people in our town and across the nations to lift up their eyes to the... read more

Song of the Wind

The Song of the Wind marks my first sortie into the world of composition, as opposed to writing occasional songs. There’s quite a story behind it. It goes back to a trip we made to Shetland quite a few years after we left the island, We were staying at our old... read more

Beyond the Storm

We have something really special to share with you in this edition. Using several of her own stunning photographs, Sally has designed a really beautiful Youtube to accompany these simple words, which come as if from the Lord. The hauntingly beautiful music is from... read more