We have something really special to share with you in this edition. Using several of her own stunning photographs, Sally has designed a really beautiful Youtube to accompany these simple words, which come as if from the Lord.

The hauntingly beautiful music is from violin concerto RV 365 by Vivaldi, played for us by Grace Lee.

Beyond the Storm 

“Help Lord, the waters are rising
and my ship needs bailing out
yet it seems You sleep.”

“Like a buoy bobbing up to the surface,
You will not drown My precious friends:
for I have made you like a lifeboat that refuses to capsize
as you brave the hurling waves and howling winds.

“There is no thread too worn that the vital screw cannot retain its grip
in the hold of the ship
until this storm is past;
no waters so deep that I am not deeper still,
no danger so severe I cannot lead you safely through,

“I have many more seas for you to sail
despite the clunking of your thunks and fearings
so hold on to your courage –
My enfolding arms are closer than you know.”


  1. anna ralph

    I love this.

  2. Laurie Klein

    Lovely start to the day for me here, on the other side of the pond. Thank you, Sally and Robert and Grace. I especially like the visual “bookends” that simultaneously urge me to look backward to God’s faithfulness and ahead to his provision. We’ve just had a wrenching death in the family and this clip soothes and inspires.
    Blessings on you.

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