Pray for those unfairly accused

Jun 21, 2013 | PRAY

From the Specific to the Particular

As a ‘way in’ to praying for wider topics, we often advocate taking prayer for one person you know who is facing specific circumstances, and moving on to pray for all who are in that category – rather like in maths the {sets of}!

Can God answer such ‘general’ as opposed to specific prayers? I think He can.

When I was at Oxford University a sizeable mission came to town, spearheaded by David Watson and a large team of assistant missioners. The Lord told this group that if they were prepared to make sacrifices at night and pray, He would raise up a harvest of souls. They were faithful – and one hundred of and fifty students gave their lives to the Lord, including myself, and, quite separately, my flat mate.

That was back in 1976; within two years at least eight of us were ‘full time’ for the Lord. Only the Lord knows how many have come to faith by now, the best part of forty years later, through that eager group!

The theme I want to raise for this issue is praying for those who have been unfairly accused. Please take time to listen to this seriously moving brief clip (from of Josh Kezer, who was sentenced to sixty years imprisonment for something he hadn’t done. It serves as an excellent prompt to pray for those who are innocent – as well as reaching out with grace to those who are not!


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