It’s time to pray for an improvement in France’s relationships with other nations!

I tuned in to a programme the other day to hear that Jersey is facing the threat of its electricity supply being switched off by France, from where 90% of its energy comes. The French administration is demanding greater access for French fishing boats in Jersey... read more

Praying for the heart of France

There have been many significant infernos in recent years, but few more eye-catching than the sight of France’s most best known edifice and symbol in flames. When the fire broke out in Notre Dame, Linda Entwistle, Tréva Solanki and Linda Clifford Hayes were amongst... read more

Jesus, lover of my soul,

The morning service on Radio 4 this week, devoted especially for Paris, ended with this wonderful hymn by Charles Wesley. Linda Entwistle wrote a lovely version of this some years ago, which we recorded live on our Connections CD, along with a fascinating explanation... read more