Watchmen for Russia

A new ideology is developing in Russia

Plagued though Russia currently is with high levels of coronavirus, something deeply significant is happening in Russia at the moment. In just a few days’ time, Russians will be going to polls, because President Putin is pressing ahead with a referendum that will give... read more

Why Salisbury is a wakeup call for our times

What is coming to me as I ponder the chemical nerve attack in Salisbury, is that this act feels like a wake-up call to the nations, our own in particular. On a rather different level, it is also a reminder call to the Body of Christ. Clifford Hill said that we should... read more

Just one incident can lead to serious consequences

With the armed forces of many nations in action over Syrian air-space at the moment, not to mention the regular Turkish strikes against the Kurds it has been a mercy that, thus far, events have not spiralled into a major escalation in the Middle East. But then we have... read more

Putin in 2024 and the direction that Russia takes

Bearing in mind that Vladimir Putin has said that he intends to step down in 2024, what will he do in the course of his next term in office – and what will happen beyond that? From all we have understood of his personality he will certainly be looking to make key... read more

The dilemmas that Russia is posing the world

This overview follows on from our recent article (To Russia with love, and further dimensions to the cyber-threat) on the risk posed by Russian to global internet cables. You may well find some of the details here disturbing. I have quoted historical precedents for... read more

To Russia with love – and further cyber complications

Year after year, I have noticed that my thoughts seem turn to Russia during this season. Back in the 1980s, at a time when the Cold War was raging and we were praying for Russian Christians to know freedom to worship in their land, the thought that we would be able... read more