Putin has launched more than just an invasion of its neighbour: it amounts to nothing less than a hybrid world war

It really seems as though there are no limits to which Vladimir Putin is not prepared to go in seeking to establish the supremacy of Russia over the West. Major efforts are being spent seeking to expand the war beyond Ukraine by making weapons of both food and energy... read more

This is a seriously historic moment as NATO begins to flex its muscles

So many important things are happening across the face of the Earth on so many different levels! I have sought to outline some of them in this edition, with particular reference to geo-political and military situations, America, climate matters – and the way in which... read more

A story of protection in answer to prayer

A friend sent me this extract from an otherwise heart-breaking story from Lysychansk, powerfully highlighting the benefit of pausing to pray before undertaking dangerous journeys. Mr Yaremchuk is a Ukrainian-born cinematographer turned rescue worker. When Russia... read more