The spirit of Holodmor has been let loose across Ukraine

Jun 26, 2024 | PRAY, READ, Ukraine, World Watch

‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbour as yourself. I am the Lord.’ (Lev. 19:18)

I was speaking yesterday with a friend in Texas, who was telling me that churches in her neighbourhood openly preach that Putin is God’s man, and that he is doing God’s work as he seeks to destroy and wipe out all Ukrainians. By what spirit are they speaking?

Today, on both sides of the Atlantic, we can hear leading politicians praising President Putin’s politics, and actively speaking against Ukraine – even, in one case, from the mouth of a prospective MP in the English city, where Russian agents used the deadly nerve agent Novichok to poison people. Let’s be under no illusions. Behind this openly voiced support, strong spirits are at work to manipulate and control public opinion, just as they are to wreak havoc and revenge on Ukraine itself. How crucial that opening command is from Leviticus to remind us of God’s way.

In God’s sight is it just a blink of an eye since Vichy France (together with other nations) sided with Adolph Hitler. What is so deeply distressing now has been to hear and see so many in America lining up behind him – even to the point of claiming that he represents Christendom. As Linda warned, ‘One of satan’s favourite places is the pulpit! Not to mention the various voices now being raised to endorse Putin in the Reform Party in the UK, and across Europe in Hungary, Slovakia and the far right in France.

Where, oh where is our discernment? Are we so immured in our comfortable way of life that we have closed our eyes to the reality of the truly sickening things that are being carried out? Has even the joy of our salvation played its part in causing us to close our heart mind and eyes to Putin’s assassination or imprisonment of all opponents, political or journalistic? Have we allowed ourselves to be bamboozled and mesmerised by the constant stream of propaganda that the Kremlin is sending out across the world, even as it unleashes cyberattacks against one country after another?

And what of the Ukrainian soldiers who are captured by Russian forces and tortured so brutally – as opposed to the treatment meted out to Russians who are captured by Ukrainian forces, who are held in camps that are regularly inspected by the Red Cross, and allowed to phone home and play sports?

Or of the forced deportation of almost 20,000 Ukrainian children to Russia? Have we forgotten? Do we not understand? Do we not care? God forgive us our indifference, and minister to each one thus afflicted.

To our utter shame, we are seeing people lining up to support nothing less than the reprise of the spirit of the Holodomor, the man-made famine in the early 1930s by which Joseph Stalin starved some four million Ukrainians to death. (Holodomor is a composite of the Ukrainian words for hunger holod and extermination mor. The details of all that happened then are gruesome in the extreme.

As Linda said, ‘It makes complete sense why certain Ukrainians collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War, at a time when the horrors of the Holodomor still loomed so large in their national psyche. It is as though Putin’s whole psyche remains trapped in the Stalinist era, and the enemy effectively seeking to channel the spirit of Stalin through Putin. It is so obvious what he is up to.’

How hard it will be by now for many of these children to remember their life back in Ukraine, as they adjust to being at best second class citizens in Russia. May the Lord move on people’s heart to show many of these young ones love, understanding and the way of the Cross rather than the racial hatred that wall-to-wall coverage of the pro Putin/anti Ukraine line fuels and fosters, and so somehow touch their spirits.

As I was reading Metropolitan Bishop Anthony Bloom’s Living Prayer today, I was minded to pray for those Orthodox priests who really do have a sincere love for the Lord – as opposed to the many who slavishly follow the Patriarch’s strongly pro-Kremlin Christ line.

May such ministers be given great grace to minister the love of the Lord, and themselves be protected from all that is involved in the imposition that is holding Russia once again so tightly in its grip.

While the electoral ‘battles” reach their climax in the UK and France, let’s not forget the physical battle we have often highlighted in Chasiv Yar, where exhausted Ukrainian troops are being pushed back by relentless Russian attacks, who are themselves being increasingly reinforced. As we have warned before, the loss of this strategic town would open up the way for further Russian advances. Russia claims to have captured its the eastern district.

Lord give wisdom to Ukrainian commanders, when they truly need to retreat and when to continue to take a stand. Send supplies and material and success to protect in Jesus’ name.

And we pray that in many cases You will do what is humanly impossible to protect Chasiv Yar. We pray too for protection for the long-awaited F16 fighter planes at this time, when so many Ukrainian craft are being destroyed on their runways. 

Father, we are calling on You to bring life where there is no spiritual life, and where people appear to have been barred away from all they that know and love. Come by Your presence and in Your power and make Yourself known to many we pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Please open this link in a browser for this special offering for each child who has been deported to Russia.

Dobru noc – A prayer for each Ukrainian child forcibly deported to Russia

Photo by Vaishakh pillai on Unsplash


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