Winston Churchill and the Still Small Voice of his Maker

Although special Russian forces have attempted to capture President Zelensky on a number of occasions, he has so far eluded them whilst managing at the same time to appear by video link at events all around the world. In this, he is not unlike Prime Minister Winston... read more

Secrets of the Passion: God gives us a place that no one else can ever quite fill

Thinking about the ways in which God protects those He has called in order that they can fulfil at least some of the substance of their calling, I was reminded once again of the words (obviously written in the language of the time) of my great uncle Bishop Frank... read more

Praying for Hungary

Buried beneath the soil of the streets and fields of Europe – and often in such shallow ditches that they spring up all too easily – lie many dark forces of authoritarian Fascism, inveterate racism and anti-Semitism, with communism (mainly in the eastern half of the... read more

Our unique calling

What do you think of when you come across the word, ‘vocation?’ Do you think of a ‘vocation to’ some profession such as teaching or nursing or soldiering? Perhaps you think of a vocation to enter a convent or monastery? The Cambridge Dictionary gives as a definition:... read more

In the Lord’s Council Chamber

I was in my early twenties when the burden to pray about national about international matters went from head to heart, and I realised that the Lord is concerned with more than just our personal needs, and that His Kingdom is about far more than just Church matters.... read more

God at work among the nations

Britain is now likely to find itself returning to a time of less predictable politics – not quite, we hope, to the tumultuous days of the last parliament when there was no clear majority and a great deal of bad temper all round – but with a leader who is showing no... read more