Reaching Russia for Christ

We have had a good look at the Russian crisis – let’s have a look now at the opportunities and pray for this great land to be touched from one end to the other by the love of God. People say that it is hard for Russians to believe – but how wonderful it is... read more

A Renewed Cyber Arms Race

Cyber Warfare, Code Breaking and Eavesdropping We have long been urging people to intercession for matters related to cyber warfare as a regular part of their spiritual awareness. The topic may only occasionally seem to have any direct relevance for us personally –... read more

Prayer for the Moldovan Corridor

If you haven’t had the time chance to look at the thoughts we published in the last edition about the situation in the Ukraine, not least in terms of the history of the nation, and an exploration of the power of propaganda, we have included the links in the second... read more

In Search of Greater Russia

It would be unwise to trust every word Putin says In an article entitled ‘Threat of future Russian aggression remains,’ (20-3-2014) the Financial Times leads by saying, “We do not want to divide Ukraine . . .declared Vladimir Putin in his triumphant speech to Russia’s... read more

Reflections on the crisis in Ukraine

The crisis in the Ukraine has developed on the shoulders of previous ones The former Formula 1 racing commentator Murray Walker once declared, ‘I’m a prophet:– I make predictions which are instantly unfulfilled!” Having considered in the last edition that the prospect... read more

The Propaganda War

In today’s largely laid back consciousness, the dangers of propaganda and the insidious rise of totalitarian aggression rarely enter people’s consciousness. Partly, that is because it requires a degree of political awareness that in a self-centred world is... read more