Psalm 91

The best form of prayer is always two-way conversation, dialogue rather than monologue, and at this time when coronavirus is raging and the whole world is having to come to terms with a new and invisible enemy – how grateful we are that the Lord continues to hear our... read more

Marvel Not but Marvel Well (i)

I have always loved the way Jesus declared on occasion, ‘Marvel not that . . .’ He is our Head, the One in whom all things hold together, our crowned king, and His ‘Marvel nots! are like His ‘verilys’ – proclaiming truths we need to... read more

Into Your Hands

Last year I shared something that I have come to value greatly, starting each day with as enthusiastic a ‘Deo Gratias’ as I can manage in my sleepy state, consciously greeting the Lord with the words that monks and nuns have used through the centuries. You will... read more

Dismantling the barriers and walking in the Will of God

(Adapted from ‘Confidence in His Will’ a retreat address that Bishop Frank Weston gave in 1914) Lord, You are so close to me, and yet so entirely other too. But sometimes, Your otherness feels somewhat distant and overwhelming, I find myself beginning to lose... read more

The Joy and Meaning of Retreat

In the summer of 1914, my great uncle Frank, Bishop of Zanzibar and Tanganyika, delivered a series of retreat addresses to the Associates of the Community of the Sacred Passion, an order of sisters he had founded a few years previously. The talks were delivered... read more

An important prophecy about specific attacks that are going to be directed against Boris Johnson and his government.

The word ‘Mashal’ implies a wise and succinct message that is often shared in the form of a prophetic parable or a poem. From time to time we send out words by people whose ministry we are not personally acquainted with. We did that with regard to Emma Stark’s... read more