The Sound of Hope: Music to help us pray for America, Russia and Ukraine

I wanted to offer some representative pieces of music to help us pray for America, Russia and Ukraine. The latter two were an easy choice, but as I couldn’t find anything in our library stock that seemed right for America, I thought instead to offer this Welsh hymn,... read more

Yahweh Mephalti – The Lord is my Deliverer

You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble; You surround me with songs of deliverance. (Psalm 32:7) Yahweh Mephalti! Now that is one of the names of God with which most of us may be less familiar, but it denotes an attribute that is central to Who He is and... read more

From Gerard le Feuvre’s ministry: Be still . . . and pray for Ukraine

Over the past year we have a offered a variety of ways to pray for Ukraine. Here is a really precious initiative: a powerful five-minute film that Gerard le Feuvre released, followed by a reminder of the work of the Church in Kyiv, and then a precious opportunity to... read more

Transfiguration: An Album to savour

We have something really special to share with you in this edition: a series of prayers and reflections inspired by Jesus’s powerful encounter with His Father and two representatives of the heavenly host, Moses and Elijah. This was His ‘transfiguration,’ the pivotal... read more

Come to the Waters

Thirsty for God Ruach Breath of Life · Come to the Waters Father, at this time, when many people are feeling the lack of things, and the pressures of life are increasing, we want to respond to Your invitation to come to the waters, to drink and to live. The Spirit and... read more

Be Lord of our desires

The French poet Arthur Rimbaud wrote that you do not necessarily ever really finish a poem; you simply reaches a point at which you are happy to leave it. That would certainly be true of this offering, which seeks to express thoughts that are specific enough for the... read more