Why it is important to keep praying for Russia

At this time of year my thoughts so often turn to Russia. Partly this has stemmed from a long-term awareness of what the Russian people go through as they endure the trials of the winter season, making me eager to pray for informed and fervent faith to rise up in the... read more

It’s time to pray for an improvement in France’s relationships with other nations!

I tuned in to a programme the other day to hear that Jersey is facing the threat of its electricity supply being switched off by France, from where 90% of its energy comes. The French administration is demanding greater access for French fishing boats in Jersey... read more

The renewed consequences of Brexit and increasing tension across Europe

Those of you who have been praying about resolving the present Irish question – which means reducing the crippling red tape currently involved in importing items into Northern Ireland – will quickly realise that the tensions between Britain, France and the rest of the... read more

The New Ice Curtain – Serious and Escalating Tensions in the Arctic

As polar ice melts in the Arctic, the transit time for cargo being shipped between China and Europe is set to be significantly reduced – a massive economic advantage to those who would make the most of it, namely Russia. But without a treaty, greedy countries are set... read more

Open our eyes to the realities of what we are doing with Earth’s resources

Some years ago, Alex Crawford, the outstanding Sky journalist, exposed the appalling conditions that child labourers suffer in the DRC (Congo) as they ‘peck out’ from the ground the cobalt that is integral to our smart phones. Do watch her short, but extremely... read more

Cyber strike against Iranian nuclear faculties

Oh for the day foreseen by Isaiah when ‘the word of the Lord will go forth from Jerusalem, and the LORD will judge (mediate) between nations and settle international disputes. When nation will no longer fight against nation, nor train for war anymore and swords... read more