Prayer for the Election

When the election date was announced, a friend found herself feeling sad that it was going to take place during Advent, which should be all about Jesus rather than politicians! But Jesus was born during a time of political unrest and, the Roman census, which is not... read more

Is God still in the House?

Is God still in the House? **Since publishing this article we have had a substantial amount of feedback – mainly very positive, but some as the result of people reading their own understanding into it. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that I am not making a... read more

Brexit Matters (2)

A prayer for our times Father, in both Parliament and our national outlook, we have reached new depths of self-absorption and unhealthy insularity. Forgive us that we are trading insults between political Parties and even within the same Party instead of nurturing... read more

Brexit Matters (1) A people who will ‘serve His purpose in this generation’

The Parliamentary Easter recess that followed many weeks of intense debate about Brexit seems a long time ago now. I remember writing then that it was a far from comforting thought that there were doubtless many more rounds to come in the Brexit saga. It called for... read more

Brexit Matters

The bell is ‘tinging’ loudly with regard to the Brexit process The Proto-Germanic word þingą (with þ being pronounced ‘th’) meant “appointed time.” The word ‘thing’ (tyn, ting or din in Old Norse) was used to indicate assemblies in Viking territories – the prototype... read more

May the Lord pierce the dense clouds of smoke over the land of Brazil

Join us in this prayer for Brazil, set to beautiful music, that I have recorded especially for this edition. It is not only smoke from forest fires that hangs over the land, but also from spiritually mixed and confusing sources! Oceans, which generate such a huge... read more