Strategic Prayer

Many of us might not describe our main calling as being that of the intercessor, but I believe that almost all of us have more slack to take up in prayer than we perhaps realise. I have a passionate desire in this edition to steer us towards the concept of praying at... read more

The Singing Revolution – Pray for Estonia

Recent tensions with Russia in the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) have propelled the name of Estonia to the fore many times over the past couple of years. Most of us probably don’t know much about this country, whose total population is little more than... read more


Image: Flickr Image under CC/Jordi Bernabeu Farrús The whole world has been watching in grief at the horror that has been engulfing Aleppo for so many months. It is for that very reason, therefore, that we are releasing a powerful piece of music that Geth Griffith... read more

Why has God allowed this seismic shock to surprise the States?

You will all have been doing your best to see beyond all the hype and propaganda associated with the thoroughly unpleasant American election campaign, and to see what the Lord may be doing through this surprise result. I have been more than happy hitherto not to have... read more

Keeping our eyes on Russia

Russia is continuing to ratchet up the tension – Why we are being called to resume our posts on our prayer the watchtowers concerning russian intentions At a time when the attention of the West is inevitably being distracted by the sight of political... read more

Overview: A Revived Imperialism is on the rise in Russia

Overview: A Revived Imperialism is on the rise in Russia It is such a joy to know that the Lord listens and responds to the smallest moves we make toward Him in prayer, whether for purely personal matters or international ones. This far ranging article is definitely... read more