Praying for France . . .

It can only be a good thing when Christians on this side of the Channel join with their brothers and sisters in the French speaking world and lift France to the Lord in prayer, as opposed to merely looking on it as a holiday destination!. Recent media perspective on... read more

Brexit Matters: Will this draft declaration provide a way forward?

At a conference in Westminster on Tuesday, the Lord spoke to Linda about His desire for restoration rather than ruin – effectively for a profound remodelling of Britain – not just in terms of our relationship with Europe but in His concern for the poor in this land.... read more

Sowing for the future shape of Europe (Part 2)

Ros and I love the imaginative news analysis programme in Beyond 100 Days on weekday nights on the BBC News Channel. A few months ago, the team presented two sharply contrasting scenarios of what we could wake up to in Britain on April 1st 2019 immediately following... read more

Setting Ireland free from the dark shadows of prejudice

Two themes have inspired me to write this article: firstly, that the Lord encouraged – (challenged would not be too strong a word for it!) – to let Him seek out my own prejudices – and the other is that I have just spent much of the past weekend praying for Ireland in... read more

Praying for Venezuela and other places in great need

Prejudices and abuse are not confined to institutions, and certainly not to any one religion, denomination or political stance. When Ros and I travelled around Pakistan in the 1980’s we were saddened by the suffering of the large number of ‘bonded labourers’... read more

Looking Wider to the Middle East

No one today can be unaware of the gathering tension and accompanying uncertainties that are ramping up in the Middle East, whose ripple effects are being felt right across the world – of which the thoroughly unpleasant scenes in Tehran of crowds of inflamed people... read more