Events to pray for

A vital window in which to pray and prepare?

“Not praying is tragic. But praying and not preparing is catastrophic.” These are the words of Lazarus Yeghnazar, whom I have known for years. He was actually speaking about the need to translate the Bible into the many ethnic languages that are spoken in Iran, where... read more

Praying grace and protection on those who are acknowledging that they were mistaken

One by one a number of prophets who predicted Trump’s victory are stepping forward to issue formal apologies. It honours the Lord when people are willing to face up to their mistakes, rather than casting around for extenuating reasons to explain away unfulfilled... read more

Warnings of Major Dangers Ahead . . .

The FBI are now warning of a very serious potential threat from armed protesters gathering in every state capital on January 17, just three days before Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony. See this report concerning the violence that is planned. It is important... read more

Prayer for the Election

When the election date was announced, a friend found herself feeling sad that it was going to take place during Advent, which should be all about Jesus rather than politicians! But Jesus was born during a time of political unrest and, the Roman census, which is not... read more

Brexit Matters

The bell is ‘tinging’ loudly with regard to the Brexit process The Proto-Germanic word þingą (with þ being pronounced ‘th’) meant “appointed time.” The word ‘thing’ (tyn, ting or din in Old Norse) was used to indicate assemblies in Viking territories – the prototype... read more

Japanese Prayer

Prayer for Japan A few editions ago we provided an extensive series of pointers to help us pray for the land of Japan. Do follow up the excellent links for prayer that you will find on that page! Following a powerful prophetic trip that Sheena Tranter and other... read more