The bell is ‘tinging’ loudly with regard to the Brexit process

The Proto-Germanic word þingą (with þ being pronounced ‘th’) meant “appointed time.” The word ‘thing’ (tyn, ting or din in Old Norse) was used to indicate assemblies in Viking territories – the prototype of what we call ‘parliament’.

(The English word ‘thing’ itself originally meant a meeting or assembly, as well as an object – rather as the Latin word causa (‘a judicial law suit’) morphed into modern day French ‘chose’ – a ‘thing’).

We are indeed in need of a something special – a special ‘thing’ to occur in our Parliament at this time to decide once and for all how and whether we proceed with a deal, or no deal in terms of implementing Brexit.

When I shared this somebody immediately replied asking if that is the ‘tick’ of a clock. A friend with a prophetic ministry wrote a few days ago to say that she had seen a picture of a very large bell some years ago when she was on a prophetic round table, but knew it was not for that then that this bell was to sound – and that she had heard that this bell ring just a few days ago. The bell is at a tipping point!

Father, we pray that a “thing” – that is a device to make forward progress – may be found.

Boris Johnston has predictably taken a great deal of stick in the media recently. We thought you would be interested in seeing this clip that Barbie Finch unearthed recently that was filmed a few weeks before the Olympic Games in London in 2012.

In his capacity as Mayor of London, Boris attended the 2012 Festival of Light in London. This clip of his short speech ends with him being prayed for by the whole assembly. Now that he is serving the whole nation as Prime Minister, we thouight you might like to listen to this prayer (at the very end of the video clip) and re-echo it on again.

Tim and Barbie Finch visited a shop which sold activity dinner place mats for children. These included jigsaws, one of which was of UK and Ireland, and another of the whole continent of Europe. The shop is also a Pick Your Own fruit farm, and they had a field of pumpkins outside the shop, in preparation for Halloween sales. They found themselves wondering if there was a prophetic edge to the images, speaking both to a Brexit timed to coincide with the spiritual shenanigans of Halloween, and the jig saw-lines of a Europe and British Isles that are about to be broken into pieces. The place mats were however wrapped in polythene, stacked on the shelves, which spoke of a thin layer of protection against breaking up, but which could easily be broken if needed.

Linda noted that ‘the Isle of Man [is shown] right in the middle, a self-governing island connected to the Queen’s government but independent. It was allowed free trade with the EU even though it never joined, doesn’t pay any money to or get anything from the EU. Are there any hidden protocols that would allow the UK to exist on the same terms? The other thing that came to mind was the verse ‘What God has joined together let men not separate’ (Mark 10:9). Although this verse is obviously out of context, it is a useful verse for prayer, especially as the powers that be decide the terms of the divorce agreement.

Tony Ford, an intercessory friend from Cardiff, pointed out yesterday:

Boris was clearly waiting until the last minute for his opponents to show their hand which was what they believed to be a winner. However, he has just played his and won the round. For sure there will be many more rounds to go; no doubt including ones from round about 14th October onwards. I don’t think we have seen the worst of the political machinations yet. The next step will probably involve the EU having to respond to the very real risk of a no deal, which they don’t actually want.

The EU has a history of changing their plans at the last minute and will probably already factored this scenario into their possible options. I believe they still want the UK to remain and will leave any changes they agree to a cliff edge. If we leave with no deal none of the opponents to us leaving have yet said what they would do. Will they stand on an election to have a referendum to take us back into the EU and on what terms: e.g. adopt the Euro and free movement of people as every other new EU member has to, which would also include an independent Scotland who would have to apply as they would have left the EU with the rest if the UK?

These matters will be far from over if we leave with or without a deal on 31st October. The vision previously shared about Boris getting over the mountain and having a challenging journey down the other side seems to be playing out as per the vision especially as he wasn’t even PM when the vision was given. Much to pray about.

In this context, you might also be interested to know that Archbishop Justin Welby, in conjunction with such people as Frank Field, is currently chairing a Citizens’ Assembly in an effort to stop a no-deal Brexit.

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  1. Ivanna Giles

    Just had an initial read through this edition of the Mashal and your musings on the ‘Breathing difficulties’ surrounding Brexit and the fires in the Amazon, the lungs of the earth, really struck me. For about 6 months now I keep singing prophetically over myself, the church, my city, and nation ‘Awakening, it’s your Awakening. And you will breathe again, you will breathe again’. Very much thinking of both Ezekial 37 and Isaiah 60. Reading the Mashal has helped open my eyes to see God speaking prophetically through the fires in the Amazon. Lots to muse on. Thank you.

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