Heart Cry for America, Part One

The Lord has called me to be a watchman. Some watchmen stand atop a watchtower: my own watching is done from a basement with a viewless window! Nevertheless, I roam far and wide in my watchings, and the scale and intensity of developments in the world in these last... read more

Trump’s Transaction with the Evangelicals

A Heart Cry for America Part Two: Trump’s transaction with the Evangelicals Strange things are happening in America, in both national politics, and in the heart of the Church in the nation. A friend from Chester days, who has lectured extensively in the States, wrote... read more

Matters American and America Matters

Your will surely remember how the Lord led us two years ago, in an intense prayer campaign for the American presidential election. Many of the same issues, and the strong forces at work behind them, remain ‘red-hot.’ The Congress Committee hearings into... read more

We arise a mighty army this day – The Lorica (Breast plate) of St Patrick

In these times of struggle and disunity it is precious to pray the prayers of the saints who have gone before us, from Moses and David onwards. We may not have walked quite this way before, but millions upon millions of others who have gone before us have called on... read more

Addressing the question ‘Does Jesus have anything to say on political matters?’

Some of you may have come across Craig Greenfield, who lives and works in Cambodia, one of the most corrupt countries in the world. His often provocative posts are marked by a profound cry on behalf of justice. Not infrequently, they cast a fresh light on Scripture... read more

The urgent need to heal the soul of the nation

Four years ago, American Democrats were complaining that Russian influence had stolen the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. Four years and a still more bruising election campaign later and we are faced by something horrible: a truly staggering 70% of Republicans... read more