Praying grace and protection on those who are acknowledging that they were mistaken

Jan 15, 2021 | America, Events to pray for, PRAY

One by one a number of prophets who predicted Trump’s victory are stepping forward to issue formal apologies. It honours the Lord when people are willing to face up to their mistakes, rather than casting around for extenuating reasons to explain away unfulfilled prophecy. I have read quite a few of them, the most fulsome being this one from John and Paula Sandford’s son Loren.

This is really worth listening to because he explains step by step how he came to set aside a clear instruction from the Lord and get caught up in the current of an erroneous prophetic stream. As a friend wrote,

‘This is the wonderful salt we needed to hear – a recognition that Trump was faulty and needed to change if God was going to give him a second term. There was a condition of repentance: God was not giving Trump carte blanche for his behaviour.

True prophets tend to be an unpopular and uncomfortable minority voice who are often out of synch with the majority voices swayed by popular desires. It was so good to hear not only his confession but also his call to be willing to be a Micaiah.’

May the Lord bless Loren and use him greatly in the seasons to come. But let’s be under no illusion: there are still many who have not conceded that they are in error. Another well-known and highly respected author/prophet continues to declare ‘we must fight on.’ He even goes so far as to claim that the Lord intends to send the Archangel Michael to Capitol Hill. I am reminded of James and John’s desire to call down fire from Heaven on a Samaritan village that failed to help them. Jesus was having none of it, and rebuked them: ‘You do not know what kind of spirit you are of. For the Son of Man did not come to destroy the lives of men, but to save them.’ (Luke 9:55-56) How can anyone suppose the Lord could be happy to countenance such attempts to overthrow the result of an election that no one has proved to be in any way unfair?

This prominent prophet appeared wearing a T shirt bearing a Civil War emblem. Certainly, there are many making comparisons now with the American civil war (whose divides have never been fully healed). Some even talk of secession. This is a very serious confusion of what is political and what is spiritual, and the fact that it has become mainstream thinking in certain prophetic charismatic circles is intensely concerning. Pray for truth to penetrate those caught up in the infatuation.

There are many occasions in which it is entirely possible to hold diverse, and even apparently contradictory views. There are other times, however, when one party is seeing truly, and the other is simply wrong – and in those cases those who have been wide of the mark do well to acknowledge that in the very places where they spoke out.

It is encouraging to see well-known figures in prophetic circles coming forward with their hands outstretched to confess to having got it wrong. Some of their apologies read more fulsomely than others, and for some, it appears to be the case that the magnitude of the change of direction in their thinking is too great to be able to get there in one go. One of the first to speak up was Pat Robertson, whose work with the 700 Club and Operation Blessing has borne tremendous fruit over the years. He had claimed that the Lord had told him that Trump would win the election. I was so glad to hear him urge the President not only to step aside graciously, but also not to run for the presidency again in 2024.

Kris Vallotton, the Senior Associate leader of the immensely influential Bethel church in California, also posted a very early apology. He was instructed to take it down shortly thereafter, but has recently reposted it following the Electoral College’s confirmation of the election result. Bethel is a church that has brought great blessing to many, and been instrumental in the discipleship of millennial Christians. As Lyndall put it, ‘If we lose Bethel to this madness, that really would be heart-breaking.’

Shawn Bolz, also associated with Bethel, has issued an apology that is striking in its simplicity. He is a highly significant figure because he connects with younger believers from across a wide spectrum of the church.

‘I was obviously wrong about my prophecy about President Trump getting another term. I am truly sorry as I am growing in this prophetic journey and was not accurate about something so big. In this season as I am holding myself accountable, I am going to stay out of public political prophetic words and grow in my closeness to Jesus. thanks to all who have grace for my own journey of growth, the prophetic is real regardless of my miss. I have had some of the most marvellous fulfilment of prophecies in my entire career and it’s hard when something like this is so wrong. I am soul searching and praying. thank God we are in the New Testament grace of Jesus! God is good!’
Hearts made known . . .

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs. (Luke 8:17; 12:2-3)

One of the most heart-breaking things to come out of all this, is the exposure of what is in the hearts of Christians. These prophets who repent are coming under unfathomable and unprecedented attack. A few days ago, Jeremiah Johnson, a well-known Christian leader and author in the US who has a widely recognised prophetic ministry, published an apology for ‘inaccurately prophesying’ a second term for President Trump. His post has generated a huge and horribly unloving and indeed deeply threatening response – including numerous death threats.

Over the last 72 hours, I have received multiple death threats and thousands upon thousands of emails from Christians saying the nastiest and most vulgar things I have ever heard toward my family and ministry. I have been labeled a coward, sellout, a traitor to the Holy Spirit, and cussed out at least 500 times. We have lost ministry partners every hour and counting.

After publicly repenting on January 7th, I fully expected to be called a false prophet etc in some circles but I could have never dreamed in my wildest imagination that so attack . . . would come from charismatic/prophetic people. I have been flabbergasted at the barrage of continued conspiracy theories being sent every minute our way and the pure hatred being unleashed.

To my great heartache, I’m convinced parts of the prophetic/charismatic movement are far SICKER than I could have ever dreamed of. I truthfully never realized how absolutely triggered and ballistic thousands and thousands of saints get about Donald Trump. It’s terrifying! It’s full of idolatry!

If I helped to prop up this ideology concerning him, I will need to repent again and stir up even more hell.

Revival is never dependent upon who sits in the White House but rather who sits on the Throne in Heaven. I will continue to preach the Cross and the power of the resurrection. I will continue to help prepare the Bride to meet our Bridegroom.

By God’s grace I will walk in a greater measure of humility and repentance than ever before. I will learn from my mistakes and seek correction from Godly leaders always.

This horrifying testimony makes us all the more eager to pray for the Lord to lead and restore all who are having the courage to face up to where they have gone wrong, and to post their apologies.

May our joy be in being citizens of heaven rather than patriots for a political party. But let’s remember, too, the beautiful church in America. A friend described it as,

‘A sea of different faces from different races, all worshipping the Lord, in stark contrast to those angry faces we saw last week, and some of the angry ‘Christian’ faces we have seen and heard preaching fear and division. Let us praise God for the thousands upon thousands of wonderful American pastors who shine as beacons of light all across the country, and who are praying a for a genuine move of the Spirit across the nation’

Father, may these churches shine ever more brightly, and may the millions of young people who are tempted to write off your Son’s name because of recent events look up and see these lights and turn and know that Christ still has His true church in the USA.

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