The miracle of 350 drones and missiles being intercepted – and today’s attack on Isfahan

Apr 22, 2024 | Flashpoints, PRAY, READ

Modern defence systems such as The Patriot are capable of tracking large numbers of incoming missiles at one time. So too must we be as our gaze shifts moment from Ukraine-Russia, to Washington-New York to Israel-Iran. All are important, but it is with this last that I would focus now, from now is the time for Israel is considering its response to Iran’s unprecedented attack. Before we turn to more weighty geo-political considerations, I would love to share this most encouraging message that I was sent concerning a post Mordecai Avitbul wrote on his Facebook site. This doctor of physics is an Israeli scientist who works for the security system, and who wrote this in a letter to his Rabbi.

“I wanted to share something that is much more than a feeling. That on Shabbat night something happened here on the scale of the splitting of the Red Sea. I am a doctor of physics and I worked for several years in the defence industry in Israel, in projects that are still the cutting edge of the State of Israel. When I look at what happened on Saturday night on a scientific level, it simply cannot happen. Everyone, and I mean everyone, acted as one man in overall unity.

He continued:

“The likelihood that everything works out just as it should does not exist in complex systems like the defence systems that were operating. They have never, I mean never, even beyond the State of Israel, been tried in real time. I took a pencil and dove into the calculations to check the likelihood that such a result would materialize.

The large number of events that had to be handled at precisely the right time doubles the chance of making a mistake. “With all the high technologies, the expectation was for a breach in the defence of the skies of the State of Israel. Even if we got 90% protection it would be a miracle. What happened though is that everyone, I mean everyone – the pilots, the system operators and the technology operators – acted as one at one moment in total unity. If this is not an act of God, then I no longer know what a miracle is.

This is sharper than the victory of the Six Day War or the War of Independence. There it can be explained according to nature. The rescue that took place for the people of Israel on Shabbat night is simply impossible naturally. I believe that this miracle saved the lives of many people from Israel. If the defence system had failed to intercept a number of cruise [and ballistic] missiles, the result would have dragged us into a very complex campaign.

I wouldn’t bet that next time it will work like this without divine supervision. The simple proof of what I said is that the managers of the security industries who develop and manufacture these systems guarantee no more than 90% success!

Since the day you came out of the land of Egypt we have shown you wonderful things!’ Happy Holidays!”

The reference is from Micah 7:15. The whole chapter from verse 7 is an interesting one at this time when Israel is so firmly in the news.

I have been touched to read again chapters 31 and 33 of Jeremiah, especially in the light of Iran’s attack on Israel, and these reports of its miraculous protection. The Lord tells Jeremiah (on more than one occasion) that His covenant with His people: ‘If I have not made my covenant with day and night and established the laws of heaven and earth, then I will reject the descendants of Jacob and David my servant . . . For I will restore their fortunes [bring them back from captivity] and have compassion on them.’

I love that God gave Jeremiah these wonderful promises when he was confined in the courtyard of the guard, and at his lowest ebb. To this weary and battered servant, God’s word comes so clearly concerning His ongoing purposes for Israel, and its ultimate restoration.

How sure these things are – and how strongly God has acted to extend His protection over Israel in the course of the various wars that have been launched against it – and how equally clearly He has warned that these things will not come about without great loss and pain.

This is a wide-ranging and multi-faceted topic, and it is important to keep our hearts focused in prayer rather than get caught up in debates and potential controversies.

As one praying friend wrote,

Netanyahu must have known that Iran had to respond to the attack on its embassy in Damascus. And he also knows that Iran does not want an all-out war with Israel, and therefore the West. Hence it feels as if he is taking a reckless gamble. Netanyahu hopes it might be possible for him to go down in history as the man who cemented Israel’s security by clearing out Gaza and Hamas, pushing back Hezbollah, and dealing with Iran.

May pride not become the goad that initiates what happens next, at either the Israeli or the Irani end.

Here are reminders of just a few of the key issues for us to be praying for:

1) The outstanding coordination between the defence forces of Israel, America, the United Kingdom and Jordan was a powerful demonstration of what effective air cover can do.

These nations are well aware of what Iran stands for. The alliance between Russia, China and Iran is an unsettling one. Israel received additional help from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, who contributed useful intelligence – but will that cooperation continue, given how unhappy the whole world is at Israel’s indiscriminate killing of civilians in Gaza. (One child killed or wounded every ten minutes does not represent being careful).

Iran itself, of course, has long been provoking America, with over 100 attacks on its military bases in the region – long before Israel took out Iran’s Revolutionary Guard HQ in the consulate in Damascus. Concerning that, let’s be under no illusion: Iran has repeatedly been making use of its embassies for purposes of terror, even in the West. It is entirely understandable from Tehran’s point of view that they have said that their retaliation is now complete – but such words are no guarantee against further misuse of its embassies for terror purposes.

2) The success of the missile shield over Israel was a powerful answer to prayer for those praying protection for the nation, but it stands in striking contrast to the huge gaps that Ukraine now faces. and highlights the extent to which we are failing Ukraine in its hour of need.

We are at a very significant moment in this conflict. There is apparently barely a single hydro or electric plant left in Ukraine that has not been hit – and in many cases obliterated – by increasingly precise Russian weapons, fuelled by better intelligence on the one hand, and by reduced Ukrainian air defence on the other.

3) Pray, pray, pray for the US Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, as he seeks to advance the cause of aid to a) Israel b) Ukraine c) Taiwan and d) other foreign policy situations.

4) Following the alleged missile strike against Isfahan this morning, it looks very much as though Israel has (wisely) settled for a relatively low level strategic military response to Iran’s attack, going no further than launching missiles against a town that does have nuclear facilities, but which were not affected by the strike. Thus far it would appear that Israel has made its credibility point, that it has the capability to strike inside Iran at will, and that Iranian air defences are not up to repelling it.

For its part, Iran has appeared to be very concerned to play down the attack and to minimise it. On the face of it this would appear to be quids in, but things are never simple in the Middle East, where honour and grudges often seem to overcome calm reason.

Iran is very unlikely to retaliate now by launching anything like its full arsenal of missiles – but its deadliest, the Fattah 2 hypersonic ballistic missile, which can go five times faster than sound (and which was not used against Israel the other day), Iran has other options, of course, and is still more than capable of seizing more ships in the Straits of Hormuz, for example – or encouraging its Houthi and Hezbollah proxies to do more damage – and above all to hasten its own pursuit of a nuclear weapon. This is by no means over, therefore, just because it appears to be over.

Be Lord of the response planning and preparations in Jerusalem, Tehran, Washington and NATO we pray, Lord Jesus.

Yeshua, Saviour and Prince of Peace, You have not promised peace in the Middle East, and certainly no peace for Jerusalem itself until You return. Come by the power of Your might and oversee all that is happening in this multifaceted theatre of war we pray in Your Name.

Photo by Miguel Ángel Hernández on Unsplash


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