Seeing straight through the Shaking and Shifting – A poem by Helen Ryan

Apr 22, 2024 | Artistry and Poems, READ

Many are saying at the moment (‘warning’ would be a better word) that the seasons are changing – with the clear implication that the long period of relative peace across Europe that so many of us have been blessed to lived through, is highly likely to be coming to an end. It was with that thought in mind that Helen Ryan, a friend from Jersey, has written this prayer poem as from the Lord.

Helen said, ‘I see the Lord’s threshing floor
Shaking one way and then another at the same time – a double shaking
Shaking off the husks
Shaking the wheat from the chaff – a separation
For the Lord will shake the nations
And sift their impurities
So that they cannot hold onto the things of this world and thrive.

The Lord says, My shakings test their impurities
What will stand and what will fall
Who will stand and who will fall
Holy shakings that expose and yet which also create
aspects of My handiwork and visions of My creation;
reminders that illustrate where My hand has been
what I have built and what will remain
The rest will be washed away
My shakings will occur
where integrity and character are lacking,
where love and care for others has run dry,
and my judgements
when sin is overwhelming.

I plough the land
I turn the soil
I sift the soil
Ready for new planting.
This is a season of shaking
Take hold of Me
Hold on tight!
As I shift the ground beneath you
I am a rock and a strong tower
A place of refuge that will not falter but endure
Through to the other side
Watch and see the shaking around you
Feel the shift beneath your feet
Though you see the waves rise and fall
And though there is disorientation
I will be your centre
Of gravity
The eye of the storm
That causes you to stand.

All may come crumbling down
but your house will stand
Cover your door posts
With the blood of the Lamb
Cover them in prayer
Draw those within to the banqueting table;
Yes draw as many as you can
as the storm clouds gather
and the darkness covers the land.

For My light
And My provision are great
And I will not see My house lack in these days.

Gather the harvest
into the store house
in these days of famine
Plan ahead
As these difficulties emerge
Look after your loved ones
Build a hedge around them
Draw everyone together
Under my banner
In these days
Gather people and pray
Gather the people
And preach the gospel
Gather the people
And train them
Gather the people
And help them
And cover them
Build the community
Don’t leave when the hoards go
Its better here than there
Remain and rebuild
Shattered live
Help the sick and the poor
Raise up a fabric and structure of love
Build my house
Build a House of Prayer for the Nations
Where many will leave
Many will come
The poor the destitute will come
The refugees, the migrants from other nations
Feed my lambs.

Someone I sent this word to weigh replied,

I have been so cautious lately about words that have left me troubled and uneasy, so I am glad to read one that does not have that effect. This seems in keeping with much that you have been warning of over many years, and ties in with the feeling many have that the seasons are shifting, and the balance of power lurches away from the West.

Photo by Lena Myzovets on Unsplash


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