From Gerard le Feuvre’s ministry: Be still . . . and pray for Ukraine

Sep 5, 2023 | LISTEN, PRAY, Song Presentations, Ukraine

Over the past year we have a offered a variety of ways to pray for Ukraine. Here is a really precious initiative: a powerful five-minute film that Gerard le Feuvre released, followed by a reminder of the work of the Church in Kyiv, and then a precious opportunity to be still in the presence of the Lord in a beautiful version of David Evan’s well known song of that name.

Playing here with the Kings Chamber String Orchestra, which he founded in 1985, and which brings so much of the Lord’s presence at concerts across both Jersey and the UK Gerard is joined here through the wonders of technology from Kyiv by a cellist who Gerard has particularly befriended in the course of this war.

You may well want to watch the film the first time, and then to watch it again in order to pray more deeply for Ukraine. Lord, have mercy.

The powerful music is Abendsegen by the German composer Engelbert Humperdink. This is often rendered as either ‘Evening Blessing’ or ‘Evening Prayer’ in English.

Supporting the work of Christ in Kyiv

You may remember that, at the time when the war was just one hundred days old, we featured Vlad Primakov and the church he represents in the Malvern Mashal 442 A fresh Encounter in the midst of the turmoil. With material that they specially released for us, we featured the wonderful worship that Vlad and his friends were (and are) offering to the Lord, and the work that their church was (and is) doing on behalf of needy people in Kyiv, even in the midst of being repeatedly and heavily bombed. They have suffered greatly.

Gerard’s friends are experiencing regular blackouts now, and the street behind their house was bombed. Their senior pastor felt called by God decades ago to forge ahead and plant the church in Kyiv, and the church has rented the building seen in the film, which can hold 150, to use for fellowship meetings. They have also bought a plot of land and are rapidly putting up a building of their own to house 600. They want to use this for everyone to keep warm, as well as to feed the 1000 internally displaced people they are now caring for. The church leaders are reporting an incredible spiritual hunger amid hundreds of visitors.
Here are more details about the fellowship. NB – You don’t need to be on Facebook to access this video.
These videos are a small but very precious insight into what this and other churches are facing in Ukraine, all the while worshipping in the midst of war.
May the Lord protect these dear people, and the vital buildings that they are using to help so many. They truly are a light shining out with the love of God into the dark places – ‘children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation who shine among them like stars in the sky.’ (Phil. 2:15).

Do listen to this beautiful music for cello and keyboard.

The gift of music and Gerard’s own ministry with the Kings Chamber Orchestra

The gift of music is one of the God’s richest heavenly treasures to us on Earth. Music reaches places that words and images can’t always get to, and, as the Ukrainian church and so many others have demonstrated, music made in the darkest places reaches out far beyond the space in which it is made to bring light. (cf Acts 16:16-40)

Many of you will be familiar with Gerard’s own unique and extensive ministry, in particular through his work with the Kings Chamber Orchestra, which seeks to ‘touch Heaven,’ and to ‘carry others,’ by sharing classical music with depth and humour.

As we reported in Malvern Mashal 442, Gerard says, ‘We have an incredible team these days with many young people and we have never been closer or more united to give our music to God.’ Despite suffering like myself from advanced diabetes, Gerard continues to sacrificially serve and support many young musicians at this time of physical constraints and limitations. See the support section for how you can help to undergird Gerard’s ministry in practical ways.

Be still for the Presence of the Lord

After spending time praying wider for Ukraine, and considering the degree of jangledness so that so many are feeling about the state of the world, as well as their own personal circumstances, all the more important to soak deeply in the Lord’s presence with the help of this really beautiful YouTube presentation that Gerard made of David Evan’s ever fresh worship song.

Brilliantly filmed under lock down conditions in the homes of various members of the King’s Chamber orchestra, many of you will recognise Jo Garcia – next to bottom right towards the end – who went to be with the Lord just weeks after our last recording event at the House of the Open Door last year, and who was a very active member of our prayer groups right up until the time the Lord called her home.


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