Watchmen for Russia

On the Russian Front

I have already hinted at how strong Russian propaganda has been. President Putin is currently extremely active not only in projecting military power but in forging stronger relationships with various countries including Egypt, which was, of course, Russia’s... read more

Russia and Ukraine: An Overview

“I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. But perhaps there is a key – that key is Russian national interest.” Winston Churchill, October 1938 The Ukraine crisis started with differences, which... read more

In essence Putin’s strategy is simple. . .

In essence Putin’s strategy is simple: to ensure that the large tract of eastern Ukraine which pro Russian separatist forces have taken in recent weeks be recognised internationally. Putin already calls this region “New Russia”,, and wants a new frontline... read more

Ukraine and Moldova

Ukraine Even though the real action is now out in the eastern side of the country, where the terms of successive ceasefire terms are being flagrantly ignored by both sides, why not use this dramatic presentation of earlier events in Maidan Square as a starter for... read more

President Putin – playing a wily game or overreaching himself?

Many were suggesting earlier this year that Vladimir Putin was playing a very canny “chess” game in out-manoeuvring the West by successfully annexing Crimea. Look more closely and the paradoxes and with them the dangers multiply. As recently as 1991 Russia couldn’t... read more

Prayer for the Moldovan Corridor

If you haven’t had the time chance to look at the thoughts we published in the last edition about the situation in the Ukraine, not least in terms of the history of the nation, and an exploration of the power of propaganda, we have included the links in the second... read more