Watchmen for Russia

Keeping our eyes on Russia

Russia is continuing to ratchet up the tension – Why we are being called to resume our posts on our prayer the watchtowers concerning russian intentions At a time when the attention of the West is inevitably being distracted by the sight of political... read more

Overview: A Revived Imperialism is on the rise in Russia

Overview: A Revived Imperialism is on the rise in Russia It is such a joy to know that the Lord listens and responds to the smallest moves we make toward Him in prayer, whether for purely personal matters or international ones. This far ranging article is definitely... read more

Praying for Russia

We have set this prayer for Russia firstly to Rachmaninov’s Great Ektenia – a word which means supplication or fervent prayer of the heart – and then moving on to his ‘Bogoroditse devo’ that we have released before. We are calling upon... read more

Focus on Vladimir Putin

In this article I am going further than I have done before in drawing back the veil, and will be focusing on two main aspects: the character of the man who is President, and the history of how he came to occupy this prominent position. How Vladimir Putin came to power... read more

Praying for Russia

Many years before the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Lord frequently used to call us as a group to action stations to pray about the “menace” that Russia posed to the nations. At the end of our time in Oxford, one of our flatmates had a dream that, long after people... read more

Spotlight on Russia and Transnistria

In 71 years on from D day we focused on just a few of the “new” dangers facing the world, highlighting that the breakdown of the Soviet Union has led to a great deal of discord and fragmentation rather to stable new nations emerging. In this edition we... read more