And now for something entirely different … well fairly different anyway! The Song of the Wind marks my first sortie into the world of composition, and there’s quite a story behind it. It goes back to a return trip we made to Shetland just over a year ago when I woke up to hear the wind outside sighing and, as it were singing. I was able to pick out some notes on a piano – and they form the start of this piece, which I went on to develop (with the help of Colin Owen and Justin Coldstream). Sally Mowbray has illustrated it beautifully, and I hope you will be really blessed by it.

The music starts with a sense of grief and loneliness that you might associate with the Highland clearances – or with the tragedies of our own time – highlighted this week by events in Kenya, the Navy Yard in New York, the bomb that killed so many in the church in Pakistan and the ongoing desolation in Syria.

Just as a grief is a process one has to work through with the Lord’s help, so the music moves on, taking us through a variety of moods and experiences before reaching its joyful conclusion in the style of a South American rumba.

Many of the pictures were taken by either myself or Anna Ralph in Shetland.

May the wind of the Spirit blow afresh through your hearts as you listen and watch!
God bless,
Robert and Ros


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