Devotions and Reflections

A Deliverance on Mount Everest

How a word from the Lord played its part in a dramatic rescue near the summit of Mt Everest I love it when the Lord prompts and nudges specifically! Will Neil, who leads The House of Bread retreat and conference centre in the Cotswolds, popped in to visit me a few... read more

The Allness of God

We are used to thinking of God as the All-mighty King. I have been reflecting recently on that word ‘all,’ and the ‘allness’ – the completeness and totality – of God. John has such rich truths to share about the all-encompassing intimacy and perfect love that exists... read more

Lord, lead me

Sometimes we know exactly what the Lord would have us do – but there are many other times when we are unsure. Rather than immediately plunging into a course of action, it is usually best, when time permits, to pray and ponder the options. See also these posts:... read more

Your Constancy outweighs (by far!) my fickleness

Welcome to this new mini series, which you will hopefully find both comforting and challenging. The whole series is set to some really lovely music. The first piece features an improvised version of the well-known hymn Immortal, Invisible, God only wise, and the... read more

Writing ‘prayer-poem-psalms’

I’m having a go at writing ‘prayer-poem-psalms’ – why don’t you have a go at writing one too?’ After all, as you will have realised, many of the psalms begin with a lament, look back with longing and nostalgia and then turn on a pivot as they catch their breath, so to... read more

Secrets of the Passion: God gives us a place that no one else can ever quite fill

Thinking about the ways in which God protects those He has called in order that they can fulfil at least some of the substance of their calling, I was reminded once again of the words (obviously written in the language of the time) of my great uncle Bishop Frank... read more