Devotions and Reflections

Secrets of the Passion: God gives us a place that no one else can ever quite fill

Thinking about the ways in which God protects those He has called in order that they can fulfil at least some of the substance of their calling, I was reminded once again of the words (obviously written in the language of the time) of my great uncle Bishop Frank... read more

What are you doing, Lord? A heart for seeking God. Part One.

Part One: The power of ‘baqash’ Ruach Breath of Life · Baqash Part One Wherever we have gone recently, we have come across people who are crying out to God in considerable confusion: “What are you doing, Lord?” What has been so striking is that it has not primarily... read more

Hope from Heaven

We have featured tracks from our friend Kat Mills from time to time in the past; this beautiful new song feels particularly poignant for the season that we are in. (This version of it comes with signing) When Kat was a student in Canterbury, she used to come to our... read more

Sheep may safely graze

Last week it was a joy to release Pantete chairete – Rejoice always (1 Thess. 5:16) Set to the brilliant music of one of Bach’s Brandenberg concertos. We are delighted to be able to send out a second offering by Bach: a version we recorded of his well-known... read more

Nuach – Pilgrimage

Feast on this short meditation, that forms part of our series exploring the word ‘nuach’ – the deep, settled and empowering rest that the Lord sends. Why not listen to the piece right through first, and then try hitting the pause button for a while... read more

Passion for God that makes me take time to be with Him

In this talk that was recorded early in 2011, Robert encourages us to look for where we might find rest for our souls. So many people live in a state of debilitating chronic fatigue, and even many parts of the Church sometimes appears to be in danger of both... read more