Audio-Visual Presentations

Put out into the Deep – Part 1

Part of the beating heart of Ruach Breath of Life Ministries We first began to interweave music and prayer many years ago during our conferences, and saw how this enhanced both as a result. In a quest to move beyond “watertight” compartments (worship, teaching and... read more

Come Holy Spirit

As our lovely Pentecost offering wasn’t actually very much about the Holy Spirit, we are delighted to be able to release an exquisitely beautiful prayer/song that a friend of a friend wrote nearly forty years ago and which we recorded a few mnoths ago. The words... read more

A Voice is heard

One of the most powerful songs the Lord has ever given Linda emerged out of a time of singing in tongues as a small group of us prayed in the New Year over thirty years ago, when Linda was left singing this exquisite melody on her own. It was many months before the... read more

Renew Your signs, repeat Your miracles

It has long been one of my dreams to release a recording from one of Bach’s magnificent Brandenburg concertos. I was delighted that we were able to record one of my favourite pieces last year. The main presentation includes a further instalment of verses that... read more

Masters at Work: The Beauty of Ceramics

We wanted to bless you with two awesomely beautiful short videos of ceramic masters at work. Just look what the master Potter does in our lives, shaping and refining us! They are quite extraordinary. and You will almost certainly make the association with Jeremiah 18,... read more

You love to speak

You love to speak Lord beyond the need for words. You yearn for our company and long to impart some fresh dimension to our comprehension. You listen to our inmost thoughts and bring us to a place of inner quiet. Guard our hearing for listening is ever the gateway to... read more