Can war be averted and a nation be changed?

Sep 27, 2017 | Events to pray for, Flashpoints

Can a land be born in one day or a nation be delivered in an instant? (Isaiah 66:8)

Will God break through for North Korea – or will things merely progress still further along the lines they are currently doing, heading towards ever greater mess, suffering and even destruction? We certainly can’t afford to be naive or presumptuous but there are stories and examples we can take heart from to fuel our prayers . . .Think how swiftly things changed just after the Second World War, for instance, when Israel again became its own nation.

Isaiah declares, “As soon as Zion was in labour, she gave birth to her sons.” And yet centuries of prayer had preceded that moment of release just as seven decades of prayer preceded the fall of the Soviet Union.

This verse from Isaiah (49:21) hints at something wonderful and surprising – unheard of even. Gill, an early nineteenth century Bible expositor, wrote of this passage that it is

“as if the thing about to be related was as wonderful as if all the women in the world should bring forth their children in one day, or bring forth as many at once as would fill the whole earth.

Shall a nation be born at once? Was ever such a thing heard of? Yet this will be the case of the Jews in the latter day, when they shall be all converted and saved; and which shall be done suddenly and at once; see Hosea 1:10, of which the conversion of them, in the first times of the Gospel, was an earnest and pledge, when three thousand were convinced, converted, and regenerated.”

We know the song by Paul Oakley and Matt Redman: Can a nation be changed? Everything depends on our response.

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Pentecostal gatherings across Europe in the years immediately prior to the First World War was an opportunity for the leaders of nations as well as denominations to embrace what the Lord was doing in terms of love and unity. Instead, as we know, pride won the day and launched the world into not one but two catastrophic world wars.

Human rights organisations believe that the Pyongyang regime has imprisoned tens of thousands of Christians (and often their relatives – independent of their religious beliefs) over religious or political offences. Lord Jesus, send supernatural aid to each one. May those who did not know You when they entered these terrible camps come quickly to a saving faith in You and may they each one receive truly supernatural assistance.

May the Lord thwart all demonically inspired efforts to provoke the world into war, and yet bring about something entirely new for the Korean people.

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Thank you, Lord, that You are leading the world to the moment when You bring all things together under one Head, even the Lord Jesus (Eph. 1:10,22). In Your name, may the pride of megalomaniac leaders and bruised egos not win the day. Let a divine restraint descend, under the shadow of which Your power and leading can come.


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