Prayer Focus for the Nations

Japanese Prayer

Prayer for Japan A few editions ago we provided an extensive series of pointers to help us pray for the land of Japan. Do follow up the excellent links for prayer that you will find on that page! Following a powerful prophetic trip that Sheena Tranter and other... read more

A Brexit Panorama in Prayer

I woke this morning with a strong sense to read chapters 9-14 of Jeremiah, and felt one verse after another lighting up and standing out. I knew immediately that it would be good to turn this into a prayer for everything related to Brexit: a suitable follow on to... read more

Zimbabwe needs our prayers

Once again, Zimbabwe is in urgent need of prayer. With unemployment at around 90%, human rights lawyers are saying report that things are as bad now as they were under the rule of Robert Mugabe. The brutal and systematic beatings that have been being meted out to men... read more

Praying for France . . .

It can only be a good thing when Christians on this side of the Channel join with their brothers and sisters in the French speaking world and lift France to the Lord in prayer, as opposed to merely looking on it as a holiday destination!. Recent media perspective on... read more

Marching bravely into the coming year

As we set our faces to ‘march’ into this coming year, we start by thanking You, Lord Jesus, for each venture and adventure that You have led us to: those that are now complete and those that are under way. Let each one unfold and evolve as we devote both time and... read more

Father, Lead us on into Your heart

When Huw Humphries wrote this sumptuous song, I love the fact that he wrote lead us on rather than just lead me on. It makes it so much easier to align ourselves with the Lord and His people everywhere! May it bless deeply and become part of the rhythm of our prayer... read more